Guillermo del Toro & The Hobbit Officially Together At Last!

Millions of geeks across of the world must now change their pants...

Guillermo del Toro (currently in post-production on this summer's HellBoy II: The Golden Army) has officially signed on to direct The Hobbit and its sequel - i.e. the untitled Lord of the Rings "bridge" film.

This announcement comes after months and months (and months!) of speculation, rumor and flat-out Internet BS.

The current plans have del Toro moving down to New Zealand where he will spend the next four years(!) working closely with Peter Jackson (i.e. that other Lord of the Rings guy whose producing both films) & Co.

Like Jackson with the LOTR trilogy, del Toro plans on shooting both films back-to-back. Hey, it worked out the last time!

And although it's not written in stone, everyone's expecting LOTR scribes Jackson, Fran Walsh and Phillipa Boyens to pen the new films with del Toro.

The Hobbit and LOTR "bridge" film are currently scheduled for late 2011 and 2012 releases.

OK fellas, you can now geek out...

Source: Variety (image from

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