Guillermo del Toro Shares Thoughts on Hellboy Recasting

Hellboy - Ron Perlman vs. David Harbour

With a new chapter coming for the cinematic world of Hellboy, acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro has finally shared his thoughts about Stranger Things actor David Harbour being cast as the lead. Instead of moving forward with the highly-anticipated third movie from Del Toro, creator Mike Mignola decided to hit the reset button and start again from scratch with a whole new cast and creative team.

De Toro famously helmed Hellboy in 2004 and returned for Hellboy II: The Golden Army in 2008, but plans for a third film never got off the starting blocks. With Ron Perlman cast in the titular role, Hellboy became a cult favorite for sci-fi and comic book fans everywhere, so replacing one of the best casting choices in Hollywood was never going to be an easy job. With both Perlman and Del Toro dropped by the project, the role of Big Red has fallen on the broad shoulders of Harbour to start a new franchise.

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While some have been very vocal on the Hellboy reboot, the former director has been relatively quiet on the subject. Speaking to ScreenGeek, Del Toro was asked whether he had an opinion on Harbour taking over from Perlman:

"I mean I like him. I don’t know him and I’m not involved with the movie. But I sure wish them luck, man. He’s a great guy."

Also quizzed on whether he thought Harbour would be better than Perlman, Del Toro laughed off that assumption but maintained he would do well in the role. Interestingly, Del Toro's comments echo what Perlman himself had previously said. Although clearly put out by being replaced, the Sons of Anarchy hardman eventually made peace with the idea and even offered Harbour his supportSlated for a 2019 release, fans have already seen what Harbour looks like as Hellboy with all that red paint on, and there is an almost unanimous view that he looks the part to suit up for the B.P.R.D. While some people may refuse to accept the idea of someone else wearing the Right Hand of Doom, at least Perlman and Del Toro can agree that Harbour is a great guy.

With a whole new guard on board for the latest era of Mike Mignola's world, it really is a case of out with the old and in with the new. Alongside Harbour, the rest of the cast includes Lost's Daniel Dae Kim, American Gods star Ian McShane, and Resident Evil screen heroine Milla Jovovich. Despite everyone's hopes that Del Toro and Perlman managed their dream to round off a Hellboy trilogy, it looks like those who haven't already had better get used to a very different take on the Hellboy graphic novels.

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Source: ScreenGeek

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