Guillermo del Toro 'Would Kill' To Make a Pet Sematary Adaptation

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Fan-favorite director Guillermo del Toro's R-rated Gothic-horror film Crimson Peak debuts this weekend, and while the director has described his movie as a throwback to the sort of stately horror films he loves, Crimson Peak is not expected to win the box office, despite starring the popular likes of Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikoska. Strong word of mouth could rectify the box office projections, but the film has so far garnered middling reviews (read ours here).

Thus, the performance of Crimson Peak may not bode well for some of del Toro's other projects, like the now-stalled Pacific Rim 2, and may conceivably lead him back into the fold of Warner Bros./DC Comics and the director's chair of Justice League DarkStill, the Pan's Labyrinth and Devil's Backbone helmer has stated that he might make something "smaller, weirder" next, and he might have given us a clue to what kind of project he has in mind.

Del Toro's Twitter page is always worth checking out to see which way his interests are leaning, and his latest tweet name-checks one of horror author Stephen King's greatest novels.

Book of the Day: PET SEMATARY by Stephen King. Unrelentingly dark and emotional. Compulsive reading. Would kill to make it on film.

— Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT) October 16, 2015

Originally published in 1983, King's novel Pet Sematary follows Louis Creed, a doctor who moves his family to a small town and discovers the titular graveyard that can bring those buried there back to life, such as the beloved family cat... or even a person. The book was adapted by director Mary Lambert in 1989 (who also helmed the sequel), with a screenplay by King himself. Del Toro responded to a fan who mentioned the original film by stating: "I saw the 90's film, but I believe this novel is destined to be made again."

Indeed, we've been hearing about the plan to remake Pet Sematary since at least 2010, with Juan Carlo Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) reportedly attached to direct before news on the project went cold two years ago. With several Stephen King projects currently on their way or in active development - such as the time-travel drama 11/22/63, and the long-in-the-making adaptations of The Stand, It and The Dark Towerthe time could be right for the smaller, more intimate tragedy of Pet Sematary.

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Few would quibble with having del Toro aboard to remake Pet Sematary, as the source material is firmly within the director's wheelhouse. The project would certainly fit the "smaller, weirder" criteria of what del Toro reportedly wants to make next, and the themes of a broken family and what lies between the realms of life and death - not to mention the ominous supernatural elements involved - are all motifs that have run through much of his work, from The Devil's Backbone to Crimson Peak.

Now, none of this constitutes a development deal, but if del Toro is hesitant to jump back into a big-budget project - which could happen if he returns to Justice League Dark, now said to be a priority for Warners/New Line - Pet Sematary might be just the project he needs, and one which fans of both his and Stephen King's would be excited to see happen.

Stay tuned for developments on Pet Sematary as they surface. Crimson Peak is now in theaters.

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