Guillermo del Toro Horror Anthology Series Ordered By Netflix

Guillermo del Toro is putting his Oscar wins to good use by launching a horror anthology series at Netflix titled 10 After Midnight. The filmmaker has often struggled to get his passion projects off the ground, with At the Mountains of Madness and Hellboy 3 among the most infamous examples. However, since picking up Best Picture and Director wins for his girl-meets-fishman tale The Shape of Water at this year's Academy Awards, del Toro has been spending his newfound capital to get some of his more unique ventures up and running.

Following his Oscar victories, del Toro has launched a sci-fi, fantasy, and horror label at Fox Searchlight to fund idiosyncratic genre films in the same vein as Shape of Water. He's also gotten funding for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, with André Øvredal (The Autopsy of Jane Doe) bringing Alvin Schwartz's traumatizing books to life from a script cowritten by del Toro. Now del Toro is reuniting with Netflix to launch the streaming service's first proper horror anthology project.

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According to Netflix's press release, Guillermo del Toro Presents 10 After Midnight (which is the full official title) will feature "a collection of personally curated stories, that are both equally sophisticated and horrific". The series will feature episodes written and directed by del Toro, who's also the show's creator and executive producer. Although neither an episode count nor premiere date has been announced at this juncture, it's confirmed that del Toro will hand-pick the writers and directors to bring his various original stories to life on the small screen.

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10 After Midnight should have more in common structurally with Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror than American Horror Story and Channel Zero, as far as modern anthology series go. The description suggests each episode will reflect del Toro's recurring interests as a storyteller (especially his love for monsters and supernatural horror), while paving the way for him to tackle horror sub-genres that he hasn't explored onscreen before. It will be all the more interesting to see what del Toro's stories are like when filtered through others' voices in addition to his own, given how distinct his narrative style has become over the years.

Netflix and del Toro already have a history thanks to the animated Trollhunters, the third and final season of which begins streaming next Friday, May 25. 10 After Midnight sounds decidedly more adult than the kid-friendly Trollhunters and may be on the level with del Toro's FX vampire series The Strain, when it comes to violence and mature content. That would be welcome news for those who prefer their del Toro offerings on the darker side, a la Shape of Water, Crimson Peak, and Pan's Labyrinth.

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Guillermo del Toro Presents 10 After Midnight doesn't have a premiere date yet. We will let you know when that changes.

Source: Netflix

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