All 17 Unmade Guillermo del Toro Movie Ideas & Why They Were Canceled

Guillermo del Toro has revealed no less than 17 movie ideas which he developed into full-blown screenplays that were never produced into films. The Oscar-winning storyteller behind Pan's Labyrinth and The Shape of Water has delivered more than his fair share of beloved films over the years, along with a handful of hit TV series (ranging from Netflix's Trollhunters to FX's The Strain). At the same time, however, del Toro is somewhat infamous for working on far more projects that never see the light of day than movies that actually get produced and released.

To be fair, there have been certain occasions where del Toro has ultimately passed his script and pre-production work onto another director to carry a project across the finish line (as happened on The Hobbit movies) - and on even rarer occasions, his long-developing ventures have suddenly come roaring back to life after finally getting the funding they need (see: his stop-motion Pinocchio, which Netflix is now backing). Nevertheless, the filmmaker himself posted about no less than 17 of his canceled movie ideas to his Twitter account this week; and we're going to rundown each and every one of them.

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The Witches

The Witches Roald Dahl book cover

A film adaptation of Roald Dahl's fantasy/horror novel for children (which was previously brought to the big screen by the late Nicolas Roeg in 1990), The Witches was developed as a stop-motion animated film by del Toro back in 2008. While del Toro originally wanted his good friend and fellow Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón to helm the project, he later lined up to direct the movie himself (with Cuarón producing). Sadly, the film simply never got picked up by a studio - though, Robert Zemeckis is currently working on a live-action adaptation of The Witches for Warner Bros. that del Toro and Cuarón are credited as executive producers on.

Justice League Dark

About four years after his sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army hit theaters in 2008, del Toro set to work on another supernatural horror-driven comic book movie in the form of Justice League Dark. The film was developed under the working title Dark Universe and would have featured characters like John Constantine, Swamp Thing, and Zatanna. However, due in no small part to the ever-changing trajectory of Warner Bros.' DC/Vertigo movie universe at the time (the more things change...), the project kept being pushed back until del Toro formally stepped away around mid-2015. Directors like Andy Muschietti (IT) and Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) have since circled the project, but the film has yet to come to fruition.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast (2017) poster excerpt

Nearly two years before Disney set to work on their live-action Beauty and the Beast retelling starring Emma Watson, del Toro was developing his own version of the "Tale as Old as Time" that Watson was attached to star in. The film had two reported working titles (Beauty and Beast) and was based on a script that del Toro cowrote with Mr Selfridge creator Andrew Davies. Unfortunately, with Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast picking up speed and his own retelling struggling to land a green-light, del Toro eventually stepped away from the project in mid-2014 - though, he also gave Watson his blessing to go ahead and star in the Disney version, instead.

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