Guillermo Del Toro Gets Busy... Until 2017!

Back when many of you readers were in diapers, Godfather of Soul James Brown was known as "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business."  But since his passing in 2006, there has yet to emerge a figure to truly step up to the plate and proclaim that title... until now.

Director Guillermo del Toro, who is currently down in Middle Earth, err.. New Zealand, preparing for the The Hobbit and its follow-up Lord of the Rings "bridge" film, has his schedule completely booked from now until 2017(!?!)

Del Toro inked a three-year "first-look" deal with Universal Pictures (who bankrolled his HellBoy sequel after Sony opted out) last June.

Now plans are underway for him to helm remakes of Frankenstein (which last I remember the great Frank Darabont had done a draft that del Toro loved), Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and Slaughterhouse-Five - as well as an adaptation of the upcoming horror novel Drood for the studio.

If all goes according to plan, del Toro will jump immediately on those projects for Universal the moment he's finished with Middle Earth. And as we all know, that's going to be awhile.

Then of course, there are the various films he plans on producing for other directors. Not to mention, his well-known (and publicized) desire to adapt H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness for the silver screen which will (eventually) happen according to Universal.

And then there's the big question-mark of what all this does to HellBoy 3.

Regardless of how this goes down, del Toro will be a busy man. He'd better rest up though - looks like he won't be sleeping for the next 10 years!

Source: Variety

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