10 Guest Stars We Forgot Appeared On Parks & Recreation

Running for seven seasons, Parks and Recreation had a full cast of incredible actors and actresses. Sure, we all knew Amy Poehler was in charge as Leslie Knope, but then there was Nick Offerman (Ron), Aubrey Plaza (April), Chris Pratt (Andy), Rashida Jones (Ann), Aziz Ansari (Tom), Retta (Donna), Adam Scott (Ben), and Rob Lowe (Chris). With a cast that big, does a show even need popular guest stars to give their show more substance? Absolutely not; however, Parks and Recreation went above and beyond and had some fabulous guest stars pop in and out. From supermodels to the First Lady of the United States, Parks and Recreation reached out to the heavy hitters of the political and entertainment industries to add a few lines in their scenes.

While the NBC show had a ton of guest stars throughout seven seasons, these are 10 of the more popular stars that we forgot appeared on our favorite show.

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In the 21st episode of the fifth season, Leslie Knope is really making her way around the political world. She's meeting more and more heavy hitters while also making a name for herself as well.

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In this episode, however, Leslie heads down for the National Parks Conference where former First Lady, Michelle Obama, was a speaker. The two met briefly and you could see the stars in Leslie's eyes. This was an important moment for the Pawnee native!


Actor Justin Theroux has been in a handful of shows and movies. He's an incredibly talented actor but he's someone whose work kind of goes unnoticed. But in Parks and Rec? It wasn't just Tom who was starstruck with his incredibly good looks. In the thirteenth episode of season two, Justin plays a lawyer named Justin who was longtime friends with Ann. Fans felt a love connection between Justin and Leslie but not too much happened to them after the second season.


The thing that fans love most about Donna is how strong and independent she is. She doesn't need anyone to take care of her — and she loves her Mercedes probably more than she'll ever love a man. However, when she finally reconnected with her former love, Joe, fans were satisfied.

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He was a standup guy who clearly had love for Donna — a love that never left. And as per usual, actor and comedian Keegan Michael-Key nails his role. Fans can now catch him in Netflix's Friends From College and hear his voice in the new live-action film of Lion King.


Remember when supermodel Heidi Klum was on Parks and Recreation?! The model is used to being on TV and on runways, but it was fun seeing her test out her acting chops. Playing Ulee Danssen in season six, Klum is a mayor in a small town in Denmark. After meeting Leslie in the UK, Ulee unintentionally makes Leslie feel inferior due to her town's admiration for her. So what does Leslie do? Tosses one back and gets out of dodge.


Many people are familiar with the fact that Amy Poehler used to be married to actor and comedian Will Arnett. After being married for 12 years, the two called it quits. However, Arnett did appear on Parks and Recreation before the show (and their marriage) ended.

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In the episode titled "The Set Up," Leslie is set up with Chris (Arnett) who is an MRI technician at the same hospital Ann works at. The only problem is, these two had zero chemistry and he turned into a nut job the longer the date went on. The funny thing about Will Arnett's character is he performs an MRI on Leslie and predicts she has triplets down the road (which she does!).


Can Kristen Bell do any wrong? She's a fantastic actress and an incredibly funny person who seems to be a ball to work with. Thankfully for Parks and Recreation fans, we saw Bell in season six as Ingrid de Forest — a councilwoman from Eagleton. This episode with Bell showed just how much Leslie hated Eagleton and just how much Ingrid tolerated Pawnee.


Okay, so we may remember the fact that Leslie went head-to-head against Bobby Newport for the local city council election, however, we tend to forget that it's legendary actor Paul Rudd. Known for his boyish comedy, Rudd does an amazing job as the spoiled man-kid who's just running in the election to prove something to his father. And while many fans wanted to kick Newport to the curb just to see Leslie win, we have to admit we loved seeing Rudd on screen in Pawnee.


Patricia Clarkson is iconic. She's been in movies like The Green Mile, The Untouchables, Shutter Island, Jumanji — the woman is a genius on screen. The same can be said while performing as Tammy 1 on Parks and Recreation.

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In the show, she pretty much groomed Ron Swanson into her perfect man from the time he was just a young boy. It's sick, really, and yet, it was comical to see the way Ron changed when he was around her. Considering Patricia was only actually seen on screen a handful of times, her name is dropped often when Ron is talking about all the horrible women in his life.


Actor Sam Elliot is more known for his cinematic masterpieces, so it was funny to see him in a comedic role on TV. Nevertheless, with his sultry voice and free spirit, he did a great job as Ron Dunn in Parks and Rec. After first meeting Dunn, Ron Swanson thought he finally met his match with a man's man. That is until he found out he was a yogi vegan... After that, Swanson wrote him off and Leslie had to let him go. It was still fun to see Elliot on camera though!


Fans of Parks and Recreation were rooting for Leslie and Dave when they first got together. She was a government official and he was a local police officer. They met in odd circumstances but somehow flourished into an adorably nervous relationship. After a couple of months, though, Dave got a job in California in which he had to take.

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After asking Leslie to come with him, she denied his offer due to her love for Pawnee. Louis C.K. did make another appearance later on in the series, proclaiming his love for Leslie, but by that time she was head over heels in love for Ben Wyatt. Louis C.K. did a great job playing the smitten cop though!

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