14 Famous Guest Stars You Forgot Appeared On The O.C.

The O.C., a teen drama running from 2003-2007, failed to make superstars out of its main cast, but the guest stars have gone on to much bigger things!

Chris Pratt on The OC

The teen drama The O.C. aired on Fox from 2003-2007. Despite lasting less than 100 episodes, the show made a fairly sizable impact, and even produced a future Commisioner Gordon with its leading star Ben McKenzie on Fox’s own Gotham.

Even more impressive is the amount of current (for the time) and future celebrities that made appearances on the show.  Many on this list have gone on to bigger and better things (or for one famous director, gotten more rich), while others have seen their 15 minutes run out.

Here are Screen Rant's 14 Famous Guest Stars You Forgot Appeared On The O.C..

14 Cam Gigandet

Cam Gigandet on The OC

Twilight star Cam Gigandet played Kevin Volchok, the unlikely boyfriend of Marissa (Mischa Barton) in season 3. Volchok, a vindictive and revenge-seeking personality, first tried to hook up with Marissa as a way of angering Ryan (Ben McKenzie). He eventually cheated on Marissa at the prom, prompting her to end the relationship, and in a drunken rage he follows Ryan and Marissa. Things turn for the worse as Volchok forces Ryan’s car into a ditch, killing Marissa in the process in a shocking turn of events.

After appearing on The O.C., Gigandet had a crucial part in Twilight with stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Twilight. The actor has been working steadily since then, though never reaching the height of stardom of this fell

13 Logan Marshall-Green

Logan Marshall on The OC

Tom Hardy lookalike Logan Marshall-Green appeared as Trey Atwood, older brother of Ryan. Trey was a heavy influence on Ryan, usually in a bad way. In prison for most of season 1, Trey re-enters society by staying with his brother at the Coopers in hopes of starting fresh, just like his younger brother. Unfortunately, he succumbs to drug addiction, and eventually becomes involved in drug trafficking. In a violent fight between Trey and his brother, Trey is shot by Marissa in the back and falls into a coma, ending season 2.

Marshall-Green also had a sizable part in season 4 of 24, and even managed to join the ever growing Alien universe by appearing in Prometheus in 2012. Leading man status still eludes him despite such high profile parts, but he continues to act and has a lead role in this years critically acclaimed film The Invitation.

12 Steve-O

Steve-O and Adam Brody on The OC

At the height of his Jackass fame, Steve-O has a one scene cameo with Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) in Mexico. He plays a marine getting drunk with his buddies at a bar when Seth asks them if they have seen Ryan. Steve-O immediately takes to Seth and proceeds to force him to take multiple shots of tequila.

Steve-O is one of the few players from Jackass who seems to have cleaned up a bit lately, by going sober in 2009, though he continued to hang with his stunt performing friends, appearing with them in Jackass 3-D in 2010. Nowadays, Steve-O has his own YouTube channel where he continues his love of performing over the top stunts.

11 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton and Adam Brody on The OC

Another one scene celebrity cameo, Hilton played Kate, an L.A. socialite interested in Seth. Playing against her airhead stereotype, Kate was a graduate student going to UCLA, a fact that she begs Seth not to tell, as it might ruin her party girl reputation. She even namecheck's Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow as one of her favorite books.

The early aughts were the brightest years for Hilton, as she also starred in the hit reality series The Surreal Life with Nicole Richie, not to mention a famous leaked sex tape. Hilton remains a fixture on the L.A party scene but seems to have turned to avoiding paparazzi cameras rather than running to them.

10 Chris Brown

Chris Brown on The OC

R&B singer Brown played Will Tutt, a drummer in the school marching band that befriends and eventually dates Kaitlin Cooper. The relationship lasts a brief 3 episodes, with Kaitlin eventually getting Will together with Lucy, a fellow band member who has adored Will for ages.

Brown dabbled in acting a little more after his stint on The O.C., most notably in the surprise action hit Takers, co-starring the late Paul Walker and Idris Elba. He has since become more known for his run-ins with the law, including the assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, and his increasingly short temper. Despite his troubles, he remains a popular star in the R & B community.

9 Jeri Ryan

Jerri in The OC

Star Trek alum Jeri Ryan starred as Charlotte Morgan, a friend that Kirsten Cohen makes while in rehab. The two quickly become friends and even move in together once they have completed rehab. Julie Cooper-Nichol, never one to trust anyone new, eventually finds out that she is a con artist attempting to steal thousands from Kristen.

A fan favorite on Star Trek: Voyager, Ryan has remained popular among the nerd community thanks to numerous convention appearances. As with other stars of the various Star Trek series, she can always count on signing autographs wherever she goes. She has also worked steadily over the years, appearing in popular shows like Law & Order: SVU, Two and a Half Men, and Arrow.

8 Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin on The OC

Deadpool star Morena Baccarin starred as Maya Griffin, the daughter of Henry Griffin, boss of Matt Ramsay. Maya becomes embroiled in a tug of war or sorts between her father, his employee Matt and Sandy Cohen. After dating Maya for a brief period, Matt is fired by Sandy at Henry’s request while attempting to milk the relationship for more funding for the hospital.

Baccarin has made quite a name for herself in the geek world, first starring in one of Joss Whedon’s many beloved shows, Firefly. She then earned critical acclaim with her role in the Emmy-winning Homeland.  She continues to have quite the presence, with appearances in The Flash and Gotham, not to mention her aforementioned role as the romantic lead in Deadpool. Baccarin also recently celebrated the birth of her child with her old and current co-star Ben Mckenzie.

7 Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley on The OC

Kaitlin Grew up next door to the Cohens and was a constant fixture at their house. In season 1, played by Shailene Woodley, her life was turned upside down when her father was accused of embezzlement.  She wasn’t seen in season 2, as she was sent away to boarding school by her mother, but returned for season 3, this time played by Willa Ford.

Woodley has found great success since her limited turn as Kaitlin Cooper. She starred with George Clooney in the Academy Award winning film The Descendants. Soon after she headlined Divergent, a young adult adventure that proved to be a hit at the box office, as well as the smash romantic drama The Fault in Our Stars.

6 Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The OC

Morgan popped up in a brief scene as Joe Zukowski, a former friend of Sandy Cohen serving a jail sentence for manslaughter. Sandy visits Zukowski in hopes that he knows the whereabouts of Rebecca, former girlfriend of Sandy as well as the daughter of his law school mentor.

Acting since 1991, Morgan popped up on other shows like Angel, ER and JAG before landing a crucial role in Supernatural. He almost had his big break with his role as The Comedian in Watchmen, but the movie was initially met with tepid responses from critics and audiences alike. Since then, his performances have become more appreciated by fans, and he continues to act in popular shows and movies like The Good Wife, Batman v Superman and, most recently, The Walking Dead as the villainous Negan.

5 Colin Hanks

Colin Hanks and Rachel Bilson in The OC

Colin Hanks, son of Tom, shows up as Grady Bridges, star of Summer’s favorite soap opera The Valley. Marissa and Summer run into Grady and he excitedly invites them to a party that night in Los Angeles. Grady does his best to seduce Summer, while Seth is pursued by none other than Kate, played by Paris Hilton in the same episode.

Colin has had a much more low key career than his father thus far, but certainly a successful one in its own right. He has remained a steadily working actor in the years since, appearing in King Kong, Mad Men, Dexter and the critically lauded Fargo series. Curiously, his breakout role was in a movie called Orange County, tying him and his persona to that wealthy zip code in perpetuity.

4 Max Greenfield

Max Greenfield on The OC

In a Valentine's Day-themed episode, Sandy and Kirsten recall their first meeting, leading to an episode filled with flashbacks to their college years. Max Greenfield, before finding fame in the hit sitcom New Girl, plays a young Sandy, who charms Kirsten off her feet with his political activism.

Greenfield has always been a bit of scene stealer in things like Veronica Mars, The Big Short and They Came Together, but his breakout role came with Schmidt in New Girl. Ironically enough, Peter Gallagher recently made his debut on that sitcom guest starring as, of course, Schmidt’s father. Those eyebrows must run in the family.

3 Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde on The OC

Wilde starred as Alex Kelly, manager of The Bait Shop. Alex ended up hiring Seth, and they fall into a bit of a romantic relationship until Alex’s ex shows up. Surprise! It’s a girl, and it’s revealed that Alex is bisexual. Marissa, distraught after her break up with Ryan, ends up in a relationship with Alex, too, but soon finds out that Marissa will never love anyone quite the way she loves Ryan.

A former model, Wilde has proven to be quite a versatile actress. She has dipped her toe in comedy, drama, sci-fi and action. She is currently starring in the HBO drama Vinyl, and recently married SNL alum Jason Sudeikis,

2 Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt on The OC

Before he was saving galaxies, Pratt played Winchester “Che” Cook, a fellow student of Summer at Brown Univserity. A staunch activist, Che inadvertently gets Summer expelled after the two break into a science lab. Feeling a deep sense of regret for what he did, he tries to repay Summer by becoming friends with Seth and helping him find his “spirit animal.”

Pratt also starred in another teen drama, Everwood, before landing the role of Andy Bernard on Parks & Recreation. He later had small roles in Wanted, Bride Wars and Moneyball before starring two movies we know you’ve heard of: Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World.

1 George Lucas

George Lucas on The OC

Yep, THAT George Lucas. The legendary filmmaker appeared as himself on this teen drama, where his fictional self was interested in a graphic novel idea that Seth and his friend Zach had come up with. In the same episode, Zach and Seth were also competing to see who would take Summer to prom.

Lucas was never one for special appearances, which makes it all the more surprising that he appeared here. Seth was a very nerd-friendly character, and the show's popularity, as well as the current comic book movie fever in its infancy (Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 had only just come out), must have only made it easier for the reclusive filmmaker to make an appearance.


For a show with only 92 episodes, these were just a few of the cameos that we could find. What are some of yours that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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