10 Guest Stars We Forgot Were On Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David broke the mold for television sitcoms when they created Seinfeld. The unconventional situational comedy famously “about nothing” actually featured several reoccurring storyline and interwoven plots. For the most part though, the show cared more about finding the funny in the mundane parts of everyday life that anyone can relate to. As opposed to the silliness that transpired in traditional sitcoms. It’s one of the many reasons that Seinfeld still exists to this day in reruns and the comic himself can pretty much do whatever he wants (such as host a 20-minute talk show where he drives around with other comics and gets coffee).

The other cast members have done fairly well for themselves in the 20 years since the show has ended, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus leading the charge, garnering up Emmy nominations like sharks eat fish. The show’s supporting cast didn’t do too bad for themselves either. Some of them even went on to become big TV stars in their own right. Whether it was a blink and miss it cameo, or a reoccurring role, here are 10 Guest Stars We Forgot Were On Seinfeld.

10 Brad Garrett

Brad Garrett made plenty of fans crack up verbally sparring with his TV brother Raymond on Everybody Loves Raymond for nearly ten years. He has used his memorable, deep baritone voice in several projects like Christopher Robin. He’s also lent his giant frame on guest starring roles on Law And Order: SVU. He was even Hulk Hogan on Rock N’ Wrestling. But one of his first big live-action roles came in “The Bottle Deposit.” He played Tony, an over zealous mechanic who stole Jerry’s car to give it a better home. Despite Kramer and Newman’s scheme to deposit bottles in Michigan (where it’s ten cents instead of five), Kramer decides to be a good friend and follow Tony to help get Jerry’s car back.

9 Jeremy Piven

Having played Hollywood super agent Ari Gold on Entourage for so many years would lead plenty of fans to think that Jeremy Piven is that much of a maniac in real life. In reality, he’s always played that manic type of character - check him out in PCU for further information.

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Or just check him out in the episode, “The Pilot.” In the two-parter, Piven played Michael Barth, an actor auditioning to play George in the pilot. While everyone in the casting room thought he was great, the real George was visibly offended.

8 Mariska Hargitay

As “The Pilot” casting got underway, the show, Jerry of course needed an Elaine. During the audition process, Jerry quickly became smitten with Melissa, the actress trying out for Elaine. While she didn’t get that part, the actress playing Melissa has been captivating fans for over twenty years - Mariska Hargitay. If you grew up anywhere near a television set, then you know full well that she’s been cracking skulls of really evil people as Olivia Benson on Law And Order: Special Victims Unit since the series debut in 1999.

7 Bryan Cranston And Anna Gunn

There is narrowly a person out there that doesn’t believe the series Breaking Bad is amongst the greatest ever. The hyper-dramatic series starred Bryan Cranston as a meek science teacher diagnosed with cancer who becomes a drug kingpin. All the while, for a time trying to keep his wife, played by Anna Gunn ignorantly blissful. Several years prior, both Cranston and Gunn were part of separate episodes of Seinfeld. Gunn played Amy in “The Glasses,” one of Jerry’s girlfriends, that George thinks he saw cheat on with his cousin. Cranston was in several episodes as Dr. Tim Whatley, Elaine’s would-be regifting boyfriend.

6 Patton Oswalt

One of the funniest stand-up comics today, Patton Oswalt is also just like a lot of pop-culture fans out there, he loves all kinds of nerd and geek things. On Jerry’s talk show, the duo even tried to go back in time, driving a DeLorean to get a cup of coffee.

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His first acting gig was actually in the classic “The Couch” episode. He played the video clerk who refused to let George know who rented Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

5 Teri Hatcher

One of the most quoted lines in the show’s history comes from Jerry’s girlfriend-of-the-week, Sidra. After an episode long debate between Jerry and Elaine about whether or not “they’re real,” Sidra lets Jerry know emphatically “they’re real, and they’re spectacular.” Sidra was played by Lois And Clark’s and future Desperate Housewives star, Teri Hatcher. The line was so popular, that it’s almost what she’s known for.

4 Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau has directed some of best films of the last thirty years or so. From Swingers to Iron Man, the guy has helped shape pop culture. He displayed his penchant for entertaining on the other side of the camera as well in some of those films, as well as some TV shows - like Friends and Seinfeld. In the episode, “The Fire,” he was hard to see, but at the same time impossible not to notice. He played the heroic Eric The Clown who put out the fire, making George a complete coward in the process.

3 Lauren Graham And Scott Patterson

Stars Hollow’s cutest will they or won’t they couple, Lorelei Gilmore and Luke Danes made a lot of fans during The Gilmore Girls. Before Luke (Scott Patterson) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham) could kindle and rekindle their romance, they had to first have respective guest-starring roles on Seinfeld.

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Both took part in classic episodes. Patterson played Elaine’s sponge-worthy boyfriend, Billy in “the Sponge.” Graham was part of “The Millennium,” as Valerie, a girl who demands prime real estate on Jerry’s speed dial.

2 Denise Richards

Long before the former Mrs. Charlie Sheen took part in cult classic films like Starship Troopers, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Wild Things, Denise Richards took part in a classic episode of Seinfeld. “The Shoes” featured the future Bond girl as the daughter of TV executive Russell Dalrymple. He’s none too pleased when he realizes George is ogling his daughter. However, the tables are turned on him when Elaine catches his eye. Similar to several guest stars over the years, her appearance was brief but very memorable.

1 James Spader

Everyone's favorite spook turned criminal mastermind turned criminal mastermind working for spooks on The Blacklist also once made his way onto Seinfeld. James Spader, who can act creepy to funny to terrifying, sometimes within the same facial expression played George's old frenemy, Jason Hanky in "The Apology." All George wanted was his "step 9" apology from Stanky, but Jason, was having none of it. This left George with no choice but drive Hanky back into the bottle.

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