Latest Guardians of the Galaxy Team is Adding A New Member

With how much the Guardians of the Galaxy movies have skyrocketed the popularity of the team of Marvel superheroes, it should not come as a big surprise that the group has become a highly desired team to be a part of. And in All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #12, Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora, Drax, and Groot will indeed be getting a new partner. The only catch is, fans will have to wait and be as surprised as the characters in the story about who it is. That is, unless a few hints that have been dropped actually do reveal the new team member.

The synopsis for the issue says that it’s going to be an Avenger joining up with the team, but doesn’t say which one. Instead, the cover of the issue offers a few possible candidates, all of whom would no doubt excite fans. But another clue in the synopsis might just reveal which of the characters on the cover is the definite newcomer. “Who exactly is this Avenger? One of the five Marvel superstars on this cover should give you a hint…” reads the teaser.

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Looking at the cover, though, you’ll only notice Deadpool, Man-Thing, Cable, and Doctor Strange. Any one of them could qualify as “Marvel’s best-loved heroes” like is mentioned, but that’s only four potential candidates. So is the talk about “five” potential heroes just a typo? The opening of the synopsis says “Who Will Be The Next Guardian? Look Closely…” so that’s what we did. And if you zoom in on Man-Thing’s left shoulder, you’ll find what initially appears to be a tuft of hair actually looks like a person. What beloved Marvel superhero could possibly be that small? It has to be Ant-Man as the fifth and final potential new member.

All New Guardians of the Galaxy

Having Ant-Man be so hidden on the cover certainly makes it seem like he is the hero who will be joining the Guardians, but we won’t know for sure until the issue is released in October. It could be one of the other heroes on the cover, or maybe Marvel is totally throwing fans off the trail with a bunch of false leads. The only definitive information they have shared right now is that the new member will be an ex-Avenger, and they are a “he”, so that should still narrow down other possibilities.

The Guardians will also be teaming up with their rivals the Nova Corps in the issue, so the team will be getting quite the shake up in their latest adventure. Team ups do have a tendency to be short-lived, however, so will this new dynamic just be something we see for a short while, or is the new member that’s being teased someone who will be sticking around? Making the new issue a day one purchase looks like the best way to find out.

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All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #12 will be available on October 18, 2017.

Source: Marvel

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