Guardians Of The Galaxy: 25 Things That Make No Sense About Star-Lord and Gamora's Relationship

While the MCU has become tremendously popular, one of the most unique breakout smashes has been the Guardians of the Galaxy films and their leads Star-Lord and Gamora. While fans adore Groot, Drax, Rocket, and newcomer Mantis, the couple is the core of the team's leadership and also they are the romantic leads.

With two movie under their belt and scenes in Avengers: Infinity War, the Guardians have become household names. Furthermore, they caused quite a stir during Infinity War with a lot of startling scenes and heartbreaking moments. Many fans have grown attached to the characters and, while Infinity War broke a lot of hearts, the Guardians stole a lot of heartwrenching moments. Particularly when Gamora fell at the hands of her father and Star-Lord lost his mind about it.

In wait of Avengers 4, movie-goers can only speculate the future of the (seemingly) doomed pair. They finally got together after so much build-up and romantic tension. Their first on-screen kiss happened. They even said "I love you" before Gamora was ripped away from him. It was all very dramatic.

However, no matter how much fans have been rooting for them, the couple is hardly perfect. Their complicated relationship has a lot of problems, regardless of Thanos.

Here are the 25 Things That Make No Sense About Star-Lord and Gamora's Relationship.

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25 Their Rushed "I Love You"

In Avengers: Infinity War, Gamora and Star-Lord finally seem to be coming together. They share their first on-screen kiss and really lean on each other for support, like couples do. However, this is still the first time fans are seeing the pair on-screen as a couple.

Instead of taking its time, their feelings jump from "we like each other but won't date" to "I love you." While the sentiment was a heartfelt and heartbreaking way to part the pair, it felt like quite a leap from where fans last left them. Their relationship deserved a bit more growth before skipping to "I love you."

24 Peter's Disrespect of Gamora's Opinions

Throughout Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the movie shows the glaring flaws in Peter and Gamora's power dynamic. While they act as leaders, Star-Lord undermines Gamora's opinions far too often, which doesn't create a very strong dual leadership.

After all, he not only ignored her comments on his stupid ego contest with Rocket about flying, but he also disregarded he warnings about hid father, Ego. Both situations caused them a lot more trouble. Star-Lord actively not listening to her too many times isn't a great foundation for a relationship.

23 Gamora Tried To End His Life

Guardians of the Galaxy Official Photo - Gamora in Prison Lineup

When the couple first met, Gamora had one task in mind: steal the Power Stone and get it as far away as possible from Ronan. While her intentions were noble, her execution was, well, an execution. Peter Quill wasn't too keen on being stolen from, and when he wasn't willing to let her get away, she was willing to end his life over it.

Though Gamora has come  a long way from the assassin she once was, that doesn't erase the lengths she used to be willing to go towards. Also, of course, Star-Lord should feel a bit more cautious about wanting to date someone willing to stab him.

22 Their Personalities Clash

Opposites are said to attract, but there are opposites and then there are Gamora and Star-Lord. While Gamora is a serious, dangerous ex-assassin seeking redemption, Peter is a mischievous thief who would prefer if the world didn't end.

He's egotistical, he makes fun of anything, and he has a wavering moral compass. Gamora has good morality, but she's had little time to practice. She's also been tormented by years of her adoptive father's machinations. Both heroes need room to grow into their own, but they already coming from such different places it should be pretty hard for them to connect.

21 Star-Lord's Sporadic, Continued Promiscuity

Star-Lord makes it pretty clear from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 that he's particularly focused and falling for Gamora. She may be he most dangerous woman in the galaxy, but he seems to be really into that.

However, instead of keeping track of being the best man he can be for her, he continues (at times) to be the promiscuous rogue fans met in the first movie. After all, once they complete a job for her, his entire conversation with Ayesha is filled with innuendo and flirting. Based on how devoted he acts to Gamora, behavior like this is pretty inappropriate for a man who wants a relationship.

20 Gamora's Interest In Music

Gamora and Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy

Gamora and Peter share their first serious romantic moment talking on a balcony in Knowhere. Then, Star-Lord puts on his charm and pulls out his Walkman. He convinces her to listen to his Earth music, to try dancing with him, and that tactic almost works. Eventually, Gamora shoves him away and refocuses on their troublemaking companions in the bar.

However, Gamora being bewitched romantically by the Earth music doesn't make much sense, not at first. At best, she'd listen to it to see how different it was to anything she ever heard. At worst, she'd call music stupid and push him away. It's just a strange, too-human part of their early relationship.

19 They Aren't Dating In The Comics

Being the MCU, the Guardians of The Galaxy movies are based on a superhero group from Marvel Comics. In the comics, Gamora, Star-Lord, or both are members of the team at various times. Though they have become the couple to watch in the films, in the classic comics the pair have flirted at best.

Both Star-Lord and Gamora are more canonically paired off with different people, many of which are powerful, popular characters in their own right. Though fans love the couple now, it is weird that, unlike some MCU couples, they don't really have much of a romantic history together in the comics.

18 Peter Being the Gun Guy

Starlord No Sense Unpredictable

In the iconic opening sequence of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the team is protecting valuable batteries from an inter-dimensional being for the Sovereign people. Though Drax commits to his classic blades, all of other members (excluding baby Groot) are locked and loaded with appropriate gunnery.

Even though Gamora is often using her own blade, she opts for a gun. Peter makes a joke that guns are his thing, but that's not true. First, Gamora has been seen using guns before, but more importantly, Rocket always has a gun and is more of a "gun guy" than he is. Though it's a fairly arbitrary, one-off joke, Peter's insecurities over Gamora's gun-wielding is embarrassing in a relationship.

17 Gamora's Been In The Marvel Universe Much Longer

Gamora Warrior

Though Gamora and Star-Lord appeared on Marvel pages within a year of each other (1975 and 1976, respectively), Gamora has been around much more often her cinematic beau. Since her first appearance, Gamora only faded into the background until she became a regular in all Infinity events in 1990.

Star-Lord, on the other hand, was far more sparse. Though he was in and out of stories until 1982, his character faded into obscurity until 2004. He was then brought back to build the Guardians of the Galaxy. Since Marvel is known for pairing off characters of similar popularity calibers, their comic inequality makes their relationship even more of an oddity.

16 Star-Lord Saving Her Life Several Times Early On

Guardians of the Galaxy - Star-Lord rescues Gamora

From the second he met her, Peter was attracted to Gamora. Initially, she used that against him to steal the Power Stone. However, when their goals aligned, they teamed up. Though they had similar goals, Star-Lord began to save her life far before he knew if she'd be a trustworthy partner. After all, he decided to save her from Drax in prison and risked fatal exposure saving her from frigid space. During both of these moments, Peter was only going on his gut and his emotions.

Dangerous sacrifices for a bewitching woman can be romantic, but they didn't fit with Peter's loner, scavenger M.O. It was definitely an out-of-character way to begin their relationship.

15 Gamora's Hot and Cold Affections

Guardians Galaxy Starlord Gamora Balcony

Gamora makes it quite clear that she cares a lot about Peter Quill, but she struggles with committing to the superhero. Particularly in the second Guardians movie, she gives conflicting signals about her feelings. While she adamantly involves herself in his personal affairs, slow dances, and tells him how much he means to her, each time Star-Lord tries to take the next step, she backs off.

Understandably, Peter doesn't have the greatest timing. However, if she cares for him so much, perhaps she should try a little more to be clear about her intentions. It gives them a very complicated relationship dynamic.

14 Gamora's Past Partners, Adam Warlock and Nova Prime

In the comics, Gamora has been linked with many superheroes, none of which were Star-Lord himself. Most commonly, she's seen with Nova Prime, otherwise known as Richard Rider. He's the lead guardian of the Nova Corps and her main squeeze.

More problematic, though, is her coupling with Adam Warlock. At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Ayesha has created a perfect human and has named him Adam. Fans have deduced this is none other than Guardians of the Galaxy regular, Adam Warlock. Throwing Adam's inclusion could spell trouble for Gamora and Peter and throw a canon wrench into their blossoming romance.

13 Peter's Ego

Peter's ego is wildly inconsistent throughout the movie, but it's still a real problematic obstacle in his relationship with Gamora. His ego nearly destroyed their ship, led him to abandon his team, and motivated him to emotionally punch Thanos instead of helping to defeat him.

With a father named Ego the Planet, it's understandable why Star-Lord has some trouble with being selfish. However, instead of getting better over time, Peter seems to persist in being a painfully selfish leader. Despite his passion, heart, and daring sacrifices, it cannot overcome how much his ego hurts his team. It's not only a problem in his relationship, but also a problem whenever he tries to save the day.

12 Their Relationship Puts The Team In Danger

One of the most logical reasons for Gamora and Star-Lord to avoid a relationship is due to the fact that it would affect their team. Not only would it change the dynamic, but it also could put them at more risk. After all, now they have two teammates more attached than the others, which could lead to betrayals and other common hero corruption.

Gamora even tries to go back in after Peter when he is left fighting Ego alone, even though losing both leaders would devastate the team. Even an unorthodox, family-centered team like the Guardians would have trouble when the couple got involved.

11 Star-Lord's Stupid Reaction To Gamora's Passing

In Avengers: Infinity War, Gamora meets a brutal fate at the hands of her adoptive father, Thanos. Their terrible relationship culminates in him sacrificing her for power. Peter does not take this well. The pain he feels when he discovers Gamora is gone is understandable and heartbreaking.

However, his actions following this discovery point out a huge flaw in their relationship: even though Star-Lord does his best to do the right thing, he will always do what his heart tells him. This is one of the reasons why his heroism is easily led astray. We're not saying that half of the universe losing their lives is his fault, but he could have done a lot more. Gamora wouldn't be proud of his actions.

10 Peter's Betrayal Of The Guardians

The Guardians of the Galaxy movies focus on family. Their first film is about outcasts finding a family together. Meanwhile, the second movie is about reconciling with your family origins. However, Peter commits a terrible betrayal by abandoning his new Guardians family for his recently-met, sketchy biological dad, Ego. He spends the entire last movie pulling the misfits together to leave them at the first sign of a "real" family.

Not only is this a red flag in a relationship, but Star-Lord owed his new family and Gamora a much better apology. He almost got them all destroyed, after all, just because of his egomaniac, hungry father.

9 Star-Lord's Previous Lover, Kitty Pride

Kitty Pride (Shadowcat) and Peter Quill (Star-Lord)

Star-Lord has remained single for the most part in the comics, but recently that has changed in a big way. The star boy was engaged to the well-known X-Men member, Kitty Pride, before the two broke up. Both passionate, impulsive heroes, the two have surprisingly worked well together. However, sweet, sassy Kitty is a far cry from Gamora, the most dangerous woman in the galaxy.

While the comics don't effect the movies, it does show what Peter's affections look like paired with someone who isn't trying to push him away. Star-Lord and Gamora may be a beloved film couple, but their "unspoken thing" does cause just as much difficult tension, as it sparks endearing romance.

8 Star-Lord's Aggressive Advances

Peter Quill is drawn to Gamora the second he sees her outside the trader's shop on Nova. While she eventually shows some interest, Star-Lord's advances are nothing short of aggressive. More than once he uses pick-up tricks, like his music and flirtations, in order to try to woo her. He also continually tries to get her to dance with him.

In the first movie, she's clueless, but by their second movie, she's slow-dancing and twirling. Assumedly, that means Peter sneaks up and goads her into dancing fairly often. Regardless of Gamora's feelings on the matter, this means Star-Lord is quite persistent. This is something that can become uncomfortable and creepy real quick.

7 Thor Insecurities

Peter's ego is a strange, fragile beast and we really see it in his scenes with Thor. In Avengers: Infinity War, the Guardians pick up the God of Thunder in a debris field. The rest of the crew admire the man's impressive physique, but Star-Lord only gets markedly agitated. He goes so far as deepening his voice, trying to inflate himself, and being rude to his teammates.

Though Peter is a funny, attractive man, he becomes a messy, flopping fish at the sight of one attractive man near Gamora. Though this may be overplayed for comic value, it's a concerning red flag considering his relationship with Gamora.

6 Peter Trusting Gamora So Easily

Groot grabs the quarnex battery kyln prison Rocket Star-Lord Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel

After the Nova plaza fight, Gamora, Star-Lord, Rocket, and Groot are thrown into prison. Even though Gamora just tried to impale him, Peter quickly tries to team up with her. His reasoning is that she knows where to sell the Power Stone he stole. However, that logic doesn't explain why he begins trusting her. After all, she admitted she was an ex-assassin, a daughter of Thanos, and has destroyed a lot of lives.

Star-Lord has every right to team up with her, but this doesn't explain the trust that he instantly puts in her. Peter's attraction to her clearly clouds his judgement and shows off some glaring character flaws. Gamora has every right to be hesitant about a relationship with him.

5 Gamora's Malevolent Past

Thanos ensured that Gamora's normal childhood was eliminated. Instead of a typical life with her mother, she ended up becoming Thanos' favorite daughter in his orphan fight club. The scars of that trauma follow her into adulthood. She can never recover from the life she lost, nor will she or Nebula ever truly be free of Thanos' hold on them.

Though Gamora is doing her best to become a better person, her childhood affects all of her decisions. She pushes people away, risks her own life, and asks terrible things of people she loves because of her childhood with Thanos. Her past might have destroyed her relationship with Peter before it even began.

4 Star-Lord's Quick Devotion To Her

Attraction is understandable. Heroism is honorable. However, Peter Quill very quickly decides Gamora is the very special girl who he wants to be with. Though he used to be a promiscuous loner, he now knows that she's the one. The sentiment is sweet and romantic, but Gamora doesn't do much to earn this level of devotion and it all happens a little too fast.

Star-Lord and Gamora set themselves up in the movie as a classic will they/won't they couple. The only issue here is the fact that the pair needed more time for their relationship to develop. Though it is endearing, they needed more build up.

3 Gamora Choosing Peter To End Her Life

Gamora asking Peter to end her life was terrible for two reasons. For one, that's mighty risky. She knows Star-Lord loves her unconditionally and she's asking something of him that he could fail. Drax would have been a far better option, as he's still apart of her Guardians family but isn't her dedicated boyfriend.

Secondly, if Peter did succeed, it would fundamentally break him as a person. Star-Lord is a heart-driven hero who, despite his flaws, will do anything to protect the people he loves. She pitted his self-sacrificing character against his love for her, and the love won. Peter Quill will never be the same again.

2 Peter's Moral Inconsistency

Star-Lord is a bit of a conflicting character. On the one hand, he's an impulsive mercenary who does things for money, makes crude jokes, and is a relentless flirt. On the other, he's a self-sacrificing, passionate hero willing to do whatever is takes to save people. While this creates a fascinating dichotomy as a character, as a person, it can get confusing.

After all, it's strange that the same man who nearly destroyed his body stopping the Power Stone is also selfish enough to risk his friends' lives all over an ego match with a raccoon.

1 Their "Unspoken Thing"

Gamora and Peter Quill are two very troubled, complicated heroes. They already have enough to sort out mentally, as they're leaders of their rag-tag hero group, they were both tortured orphans, and they are otherwise damaged people. Their feelings for each other only seem to complicate things.

While troubled people deserve love, too, they don't deserve this kind of love. Both Gamora and Star-Lord needed a simple relationship, not one that become so polarized. It only seemed to muddy the world around them. By the end of Avengers: Infinity War, they finally seem to have clarity, and Gamora and Peter have the most cohesion as leaders and as a duo. It's tragic it only lasted for a short while.


Do you think there's anything else wrong with Gamora and Star-Lord's relationship in Guardians of the Galaxy? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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