'Guardians of the Galaxy' Guide: Meet the Cast & Characters

Guardians of the Galaxy Korath

Korath the Pursuer aka Korath-Thak: A Kree agent that develops superhuman tracking abilities thorough the implementation of cyber-genetics - becoming a feared intergalactic hunter.

Djimon Hounsou: “I play Korath, he's a humanoid but I want to highlight a story about my son: I have a four-year-old son and one day he looked up and said he loves all the superheroes from Spider-Man to Batman to Iron Man. He’s got all the costumes, and one day he looks at me, he says, ‘Papa, I want to be light skinned so I can be Spider-Man because Spider-Man is light skinned.’ That was a shocker to me so I’m extremely excited to be part of a Marvel universe so that hopefully it can provide sort of like a diverse outlook to superheroes or bad guys in those stories. It’s important for us to be part of that, and specifically for me.

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