Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora Will Not Be CGI, New Concept Art

The pieces just keep falling into place for Guardians of the Galaxy. Despite being the most outlandish (and "twisted") of Marvel's films so far, promising talent keeps lining up to take part, with director James Gunn leading the charge.

Details are still sketchy as to how live actors will be modeled after their comic book counterparts, from prosthetics to CGI to entirely digital characters. But now we know that where Zoe Saldana's deadly femme fatale Gamora is concerned, old-fashioned green makeup will be the solution - not digital effects.

The report comes courtesy of Total Film, who asked Saldana whether her character in Guardians would be the result of motion capture and CGI. Saldana explained with a sigh of relief that "she's definitely going to be makeup, so it will be me, thank God." So her next major role will be more along the lines of Star Trek than Avatar, it seems.

It's still too early to confirm that color correction or special effects won't be used at all, since the pages of Marvel comic books have offered some differing takes on the character. Pupil-less eyes, elaborate make-up, barely there clothing, and most recently, a fairly human-looking woman with green skin can all be considered 'faithful' to the source material. It's up to James Gunn to choose.

The one concept image of the entire cast has served as the source of most speculation concerning Guardians, but Gunn has since warned that the artwork was completed long before he was attached. Additional concept art sporting a completely different Rocket Raccoon has since been released, meaning the lone image of a battle-ready Gamora could be entirely inaccurate.

All the same, we'd recommend that a green makeup job and a believable set of combat armor is the wisest way to go. Especially if the studio wants to achieve its goal of making an adventure movie starring numerous alien or completely silent characters seem realistic to audiences.

The rest of the casting has seemed to be pursuing that same goal. With Chris Pratt tapped to play Peter Quill/Star-Lord, Marvel has their likable hero, and with Saldana's addition, a blockbuster veteran to boot. Dave Bautista is physically capable of being every bit the hulking menace, Drax the Destroyer, yet his character's design is still as much a mystery as anyone's.

If the solution for Gamora's emerald complexion is tried-and-true makeup, we'd bet it's just as likely that the same will be true for Drax. Bautista doesn't need the help of CGI, so why go overboard with prosthetics when green paint and some tattoos get the job done just as well?

The question of Star-Lord's mask is on the mind of every Guardians fan, but that's one design choice Marvel will surely unveil with much fanfare. For now, a new piece of concept art from Entertainment Weekly of a young Peter Quill's first close encounter will have to suffice. Take a look:


We'll keep you up to date as casting for Rocket Raccoon (the heart of the entire movie) heats up. Perhaps we'll soon find out how Guardians will be setting the stage for The Avengers 2 and whether or not all those rumors of a Nova cameo are true.

What are you hoping to see from a live-action Guardians of the Galaxy? An epic CGI extravaganza, or a grounded and gritty team-up? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters August 1st, 2014.

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Source: Total Film & EW

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora Will Not Be CGI, New Concept Art