First 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Trailer Classified & Coming Soon

Chris Pratt Star-Lord Closeup Lineup Early Guardians of the Galaxy Photo

Despite rumors of Marvel Studios already setting a release date for an unannounced sequel, the public moviegoing audience hasn't even met the Guardians of the Galaxy. The second team-based film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe not only introduces an entirely new set of characters, but it does so with a story that takes place 95% off-planet. With its unique, mostly-alien characters, otherworldly locations and villains, and not too mention a comic that was never popular until recently, Guardians of the Galaxy is arguably the riskiest and most ambitious project from the studio to date, and much of the franchise's future storylines will heavily rely on it.

For those reasons, Disney was expected to launch its first trailer for Guardians during the Super Bowl but they instead held off, spending big bucks for commercials based on other properties releasing sooner (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Muppets Most Wanted, and Need For Speed). Director James Gunn did promise something "incredibly awesome" coming soon and he might be referring to an imminent teaser trailer reveal.

It goes without saying that when Captain America 2 hits theaters, it'll come with a trailer for Guardians but the Alberta Film Ratings Board released a classification for a full-length Guardians of the Galaxy trailer today, labeling it PG. Like the second full-length Cap 2 trailer, the first ever Guardians trailer has a 2:23 running time and with the rating reveal today, that usually means it's about to release soon, within a few weeks. So, what movie will it first come attached to in theaters?

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