Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Webseries Stars Rocket & Groot

Guardians of the Galaxy thrived in large part to its sense of humor, and the interplay between the duo of Rocket and Groot is at the heart of its success. The film lends much of its infectious energy to the odd yet ultimately deep bond between everyone's favorite genetically enhanced raccoon and humanoid tree. As a team, Rocket and Groot are tailor-made to lead their own starring vehicle.

The duo is expected to deliver fresh laughs and thrills once again in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, featuring Baby Groot. They even have their own new self-titled Marvel Comics series that debuted in March 2016. But before Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel reprise their roles in voicing Rocket and Groot in the sequel, another team of voice actors is helping bring the characters to life in a new webseries of animated shorts.

Disney XD premiered the first of 12 Marvel’s Rocket & Groot shorts on its YouTube channel on March 10, re-introducing the duo with some travel problems aboard their ship in 'Dream Machine'. Rocket attempts to fix the ship before they head to a junkyard for spare parts, only to discover a shiny new ship that’s available for sale -- for 3 million credits. They’ll have some serious work to do if Rocket really wants to upgrade their ride.

More shorts will roll out on the Disney XD app starting on March 27, and a full compilation of all the Marvel’s Rocket & Groot shorts will be available on April 10. The shorts star the voice talents of Trevor Devall as Rocket and Kevin Michael Richardson as Groot -- the same actors who portray the duo in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy animated TV series.

The Rocket & Groot shorts are produced by Passion Pictures, which won an Oscar in 2011 for the animated short The Lost Thing. The visuals are striking and sharp and have a good chance of catching the eyes of Disney XD's target audience. There's also enough silliness to keep younger viewers laughing. It's certainly a good taste of the Rocket & Groot dynamic for any fan of the duo.

There's no doubt that the new Rocket & Groot shorts are geared squarely toward young viewers. More mature audiences that are used to the Rocket & Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy may not get into these animated shorts as kids will, which is to be expected with a Disney XD series. But based on the first episode, the new shorts boast impressive animation and the potential for a fun family viewing experience.

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Source: Disney XD

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