Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Series Renewed for Season 2

Disney XD's Guardians of the Galaxy animated series has been popular since making its September 2015 premiere. Following in the footsteps of Marvel Studios' surprise-hit film of the same name, the new series casts Peter Quill/Star-Lord and his band of merry misfit outlaws-turned-heroes against the landscape of a Saturday morning cartoon.

Featuring plenty of hyperkinetic and wildly imagined set-pieces, the new program from Marvel Television and Animation studios is a decidedly charming take of the official Marvel Cinematic Universe property. And based on the early reception of the show, it appears viewers are in for more intergalactic animated high-jinks, following the conclusion of the show's first season.

According to statements made at New York Comic-Con by Marvel President of TV, Publishing, and Brand Management, Dan Buckley, and Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada, Disney XD has ordered a season 2 of the Marvel Animation show. Production on the second series is already underway with a premiere date set for sometime in 2017. Fans of the show can expect to see a team-up between the Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers as the two super-groups set about stopping the evil, alien mad scientist The High Evolutionary, in addition to the discovery of an ancient weapon with mysterious powers that just might threaten the very universe that Star-Lord has sworn to protect.

According to Marc Buhaj, Senior Vice President of Programming and General Manager of Disney XD, the second season should offer plenty more for fans of the show and the cable network alike, stating:

"We’re pleased to give fans another season of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, taking them deeper into the Guardians’ universe. The team at Marvel Animation continues to deliver great stories that capture the tone and spirit of the feature film and provide entirely new chapters to the Guardians of the Galaxy story."

On the behalf of Marvel, Buckley expressed his own enthusiasm for a second season of the original series from Marvel Television, remarking:

"We are thrilled at the positive response to Guardians of the Galaxy from fans of all ages, and we are looking forward to bringing them more adventures with these dynamic characters.There are so many possibilities with the Guardians franchise, and season two will take viewers even deeper into this rich universe."

With the show's first season still underway, and with plenty of intrigue and action yet to unfold pertaining to The Collector and a certain Spartaxian CryptoCube, fans of Star-Lord (Will Friedle), Rocket Racoon (Trevor Devall), Gamora (Vanessa Marshall), Drax the Destroyer (David Sobolov), and Groot (Kevin Michael Richardson) can rest assured that there is still plenty of action yet to be seen. Thankfully there will be more action to unfold following the conclusion of the show's first season, with Disney XD and Marvel apparently confident in their latest creative partnership.         

The Guardians of the Galaxy animated series airs Saturdays on Disney XD at 9:30pm.  

Source: Marvel

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