Guardians of the Galaxy 2 TV Spots: Rocket is a Trash Panda

A new TV spot for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 proves there's one thing Rocket hates being called more than 'raccoon.' Despite being called Rocket Raccoon in the comics, the smallest member of the Guardians isn't fond of being compared to the Earth mammal—or perhaps no one's explained the pun to him yet. Still, the ribbing on display in the spot shows how the members of the Guardians fight just as much as any family.

Previous TV spots have teased a similar dynamic. Last week, we saw a teaser showing the rocky relationship Gamora and Nebula have. While Gamora's adoptive sister will be joining our heroes in the Guardians sequel, it won't all be smooth sailing for the team. We've also gotten a TV spot showing Baby Groot "fighting" some tiny dinosaurs. As promotion continues to roll out for Marvel Studios' first movie of the year, the TV spots will continue to come out and showcase the comedy and adventure waiting for audiences when the movie premieres in less than three weeks.

In addition to the "Trash Panda" promo, Marvel have released a second TV spot teasing 17 days until the release of the Guardians sequel (see below). Like the other TV spots before it, this promo mixes in some old footage with some new shots; this time having Peter Quill lay out the members of his atypical family.

We're also been getting a lot of fun and funny looks at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 outside of the TV spots. Our set interviews with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and director James Gunn revealed a lot about the movie, while a recently-released clip confirms that Guardians 2 takes place on Earth (to some degree). While the Guardians will inevitably be saving the galaxy from a large threat in the film, we still don't actually know who the "big baddie" of Gunn's sequel is right now.

Another mystery ahead of the film's release is who some of the new actors will be playing. The most intriguing is the character Sylvester Stallone will play, who may just have a huge role in the MCU moving forward. Outside of the that, the weekend also brought us the news that Gunn wants to make a Guardians holiday special reminiscent of the infamous Star Wars one from the '70s. While that dream might be a long-shot, we've got our fingers crossed.

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Source: Marvel Studios

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