Full Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer On the Way


In the summer of 2014, Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was half done. The MCU, which began in 2008 with Iron Man, consisted of nine films, most of which were actually sequels. With the exception of The Avengers they had all centered on individual heroes. Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. And then a movie was released which was not about one hero, but many. It was not about protecting Earth (or Asgard) but the entire galaxy. It starred a talking raccoon and a living tree. And it had an unforgettable soundtrack. That movie of course was Guardians of the Galaxy.

The film was a huge hit. At the time it was the third highest-grossing film in the MCU, not to mention the third highest-grossing film of 2014, and the highest grossing superhero film of the year. Despite not involving heroes previously introduced in the MCU, it tied into the other films by bringing the villain Thanos and the Collector into greater prominence than before. Fans started clamoring for a sequel almost immediately. And they are getting their wish this May with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

With the release date fast approaching, there is little time left for fans to learn about the movie before they can see it for themselves. Though it looks like a few more hints might drop soon -- according to Trailer Track, a new trailer has been completed and will be released soon.

Presumed to be the final trailer -- there have been two previous ones as well as a few TV spots -- this one might air before the films Logan and Beauty and the Beast. There is no official word on that, but as Logan is a part of the X-Men franchise which is also owned by Marvel and Marvel Entertainment is owned by Disney, it would make sense to partner the trailer with those two films.


There is no word yet on what new information the trailer will contain. Previous trailers have demonstrated that the sequel will continue to play up the humor that marked the first film -- which has mostly been demonstrated with scenes involving Baby Groot, Drax, and new character Mantis. They have also focused on some of the songs which will probably be featured throughout the film, from the mixtape Star-Lord's mother gave him right before he was taken into space by Yondu and the Ravagers.

Speaking of, Yondu's had some prominence in the previous trailers, but his Ravagers have not had much screen time yet. Considering they all showed up at Comic-Con -- in costume and in character -- their absence from the previous spots is noticeable. They are supposed to have a more prominent role this time around, so maybe the lack of footage is intended to keep their involvement a surprise. That may also be true about Star-Lord's father Ego, the living planet played by Kurt Russell who has been kept well out of view so far.


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Source: Trailer Track

Key Release Dates
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) release date: May 05, 2017
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