Guardians of the Galaxy Storyboard Teases Star-Lord's Father

James Gunn and Sean Gunn filming Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn certainly enjoys teasing fans who are looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He drops hints about the film in cryptic ways, usually though the use of social media, so that he can engage directly with his fans. He usually responds to comments after the reveals, answering questions (so long as they don't give away any secrets about the movie) and letting fans know that he appreciates their comments.

His latest Facebook reveal is no different. Posting a storyboard image from GotG2, he tells his fans that he doesn't think they'll ever guess what the scene is until they see it in the movie. Looking at the storyboard, he may just be right.

According to Gunn's post, the scene in question is one that was just filmed. The storyboard thumbnail he posted contains a hand-drawn illustration of the scene, along with text that's certainly spoken by Chris Pratt's Peter Quill. It's difficult to tell exactly what's included in the scene, however, since the thumbnail isn't exactly what one would consider high art:

Another Wednesday, another shot we just just shot from one of my original thumbnails. I don’t think you’ll ever guess...

Posted by James Gunn on Wednesday, March 30, 2016


It's unclear whether Quill is one of the figures shown in the image (possibly upon the discovery of who his father really is), or if the Quill text is simply indicating a voiceover (possibly as part of a flashback sequence). Because of this, it's difficult to even place the scene within the movie. It could be from the opening sequence, or something from deeper in the movie. That's assuming that the words from Quill are even spoken at all... if they were simply a note indicating a larger overall sequence, the scene might not be as Quill-centric as it appears.

Though Gunn's thumbnail is lacking in detail, it's interesting to note that he's apparently one of the few Marvel directors who actually make thumbnails like this. Responding to a fan who had at one point worried that he couldn't get into film because he lacked the artistic talent to do storyboards (and who was reassured by the images that the director posts), Gunn replied "Most all the other Marvel directors don't draws ANY storyboards, so you definitely don't need to draw." This doesn't necessarily mean that there aren't storyboards used, of course; Gunn specifically said that the directors don't draw storyboards, not that no storyboards were done. That said, it's also possible that other techniques are used to plan out scenes on other Marvel films and storyboard use really is limited.

Just because Gunn's thumbnail is vague doesn't mean fans won't try speculating on what the scene entails, of course. Some are serious, while others have fun with other possible Disney-owned fathers such as Captain Jack Sparrow and descriptions of a giant banana being beamed by various means. Regardless of whether any of the actual guesses are close, it's a pretty safe bet that the secret of the scene won't be revealed until next year.

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