What Karen Gillan Told Us On Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Set

Guardians of the Galaxy - Nebula and Gamora Deleted Scene

Why do you like her so much?

Karen Gillan: I just think she's a really cool addition to the cast. Really different from everybody else. Even her voice is just brilliant and Pom, the actress is doing a really great job with that whole thing. She's just a complete departure from the rest of the cast.

We heard that she's like a bit awkward, so how does Nebula react to Mantis?

Karen Gillan: I think that she doesn't have any sympathy what so ever for her lack of social skills. Nebula doesn't have time for that. She's a sadist, she doesn't care.

Have you gotten to work at all with Kurt while you're on set and what's it like being on set and watching him work?

Karen Gillan: All I want to do is watch him work, and I have watched him work. And it's like just getting a lesson on how to act basically. It's really cool, it's sort of unbelievable actually. I'm just like, "What's happening?" We get this whole thing, and he's amazing and his character is going to be brilliant and he's just really charming.

So if we're going to be getting more understanding of Nebula, and getting more empathy for her, are we also going to still see her as a badass, or is she sort of crossing the line into a character that we're going to love, or are we going to love to still hate her, like how's that coming?

Karen Gillan: I think that probably I'd describe it as that you might love to hate her. She definitely doesn't cross over to the good side completely because where's the fun in that? But we will understand, we might feel sorry for, and she might, you know, this hard exterior, we're going to chip away at that and we're going to see the cracks in her sort of whole façade.

But she's still dangerous again?

Karen Gillan: Absolutely, yeah. I mean everybody's a bad guy in this film in a weird way, so she, yeah is definitely still on the dark side.

So what did you get to do in this film that you didn't get to in the last one that you're really excited about?

Karen Gillan: I guess it would be just like sort of really getting into all of those motivations behind the bad things that she does. I've gotten to do loads of stunts, like hanging off stuff that are really, which was really scary. Lots of wire work, but for me it really is just these scenes between these two sisters because that's the sort of bit I can relate to as a human being. And they're just amazing scenes, they really are. They are long and wordy, and brilliant.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Character Poster for Nebula

Do you push to do your own stunts? Do you want to do all of your own stunts?

Karen Gillan: No. And I'll tell you why. It's fun, but we have a stunt girl, who's just better at it then me. Like she makes the character look cooler. Like I really think this is a joint effort on this character. I'll deliver the words and she can just make her look physically cool.

We see this awesome concept art of at the end of the movie, in I don't know, the main conference room we met Kevin in earlier. And Nebula is in there with like Drax and Peter and everyone else. Obviously, you can't talk to us about the end of the movie, but can you talk to us, sort of like the payoff for your, or the build of getting to be one of the Guardians in the Guardians new concept art.

Karen Gillan: Yeah, I mean, oh it's the concept art? I have not seen that. That's cool.

Oh you should check it out. It's awesome.

Karen Gillan: Yeah, no that's amazing. I sort of never realized that the part would go this far to be honest. When I did the first film they told me it was going to be eight days of filming and I was like, "Great." And then it turned into 18 days and in the next one and I'm like, "This is amazing. What a brilliant thing that's happened." Yeah.

Did you get to keep your hair this time?

Karen Gillan: Half of it. I'm half bald under here. So from here to here it's shaved and then the top is, you know, I have hair. So we met in the middle.

What if you have an itch?

Karen Gillan: Huh?

What if you have an itch on your head?

Karen Gillan: Under this? You have to stab it with something, because you can't like scratch it. It's really weird.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Gamora, Nebula, Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket

How does Nebula's hand evolve throughout the film? Because we saw some artwork, sort like a little metal claw. A rudimentary claw and then it almost looks like she has sort of a Luke Skywalker-y hand by the end of the film.

Karen Gillan: So one of her other missions is to sort of fix her hand as well. That's a whole other thing and it's quite funny because I've been acting like this for half of the time. Yeah, so she at some point makes a deal with someone to sort of fix that. Might be linked to this costume.

Someone like Taserface?

Karen Gillan: Oh. Maybe Taserface is involved, maybe. I'm not committing to this mysterious hand spoiler that no one will care about.

Speaking of Taserface, what do you feel like the differences are between the villains in the first one and this one?

Karen Gillan: I guess I was one of the villains in the last one. So I was involved in that. They're just completely different characters. Very villainous still. Taserface is amazing. Like his whole look, the delivery, the actors, like this really tall guy. And they're really cool, and then we have a female. High Priestess Ayesha. And she is truly brilliant and also looks incredible and she's like a really sexy villain. So that's kind of cool.

Sexy and intimidating kinda.

Karen Gillan: Yeah, like dangerous. Dangerous, sexy. Like I might kill you, sort of sexy. You know, we all love that.

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