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Next week we'll finally be seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and chatting with the cast without the extreme secrecy we dodged through last April when we visited the film's set in an old, derelict conference center in Atlanta.

We had the opportunity to chat with all of the main characters of the Guardians sequel, who were fully decked out in costume, as well as key crew members, writer-director James Gunn, and Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige on our adventure. We’ve shared dozens of articles since February to share our learnings and below you'll see our group's full conversation with Chris Pratt

Like the other cat members we spoke with, Pratt was decked out in his Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's outfit, sans the leather duster. He was wearing the grey, alien-branded shirt seen in the marketing materials released so far and spoke to us about working with the team again, its new characters, his infatuation with Kurt Russell, Awesome Mix Vol. 2, Thanos, and much, much, more!

This is the alien branded shirt and costume Chris Pratt wore when chatting with us.

How cool is it that Kurt Russell is your dad?

Chris Pratt: It’s so cool. It’s so cool. It’s perfect.

What’s it like working with him?

Chris Pratt: For me, there are actors that I loved growing up - there’s a handful of them - and he is absolutely right at the top of that list, and has not once done anything to disappoint the inner child in me who was so excited when he got cast. He’s really cool. He’s absolutely an artist. Even though he’s kind of the ‘everyman’ kind of a character, he’s really an artist and he really cares deeply about all of the details of his character. We’re really kindred spirits I think. Me and Anna [Faris], and Kurt and Goldie [Hawn], I feel like we are the same in some parallel universe, you know what I mean? Anna’s often times been compared to Goldie Hawn, like in the House Bunny and things like that, and one of our favorite movies is Overboard. And I guess some people have made that comparison with me and Kurt, just kind of like a blue-collar type of dude, American actor. He loves to hunt and be outdoors and he’s, I don’t know, I just really, really love him. I’m in love with Kurt Russell. [Laughs]

You’ve said you’ve asked him to be …

Chris Pratt: … be my dad in real life. Yup. I’m still waiting to hear on that. ‘Cause he’s got other children so I think that he’s gonna have to check with them to see if they want a brother, but I’m hoping they all say yes. [Laughs] No, I have a feeling that it’s one of those relationships that you meet somebody and you know that the relationship - although some relationships you meet someone, it’s fine when you’re on set, you’re gonna have a great working relationship with them, but you know that when the movie wraps there’s a likelihood that you probably won’t see one another unless you work together again. But I think it’s not that way with Kurt. I’m sure we’ll go hang out and do things together because we’ll talk for an hour and not have once mentioned anything about work, you know what I mean? It’s pretty cool.

Obviously your character had ideas about who your father is. Can you talk about those ideas versus who he actually is?

Chris Pratt: I think all the evidence that Quill has to who his father is, he learns it the same time the audience does from the first movie, do you know what I mean? He realizes there’s something special about him that they can’t quite identify, and that’s pretty much all he knows. So, as he learns with the audience during the course of this second journey who that is - so I’m not sure he necessarily had expectations that aren’t comedically Quill, which we play on in the movie. You get to find out who he hopes his father is and who he wishes his father is, and you get to find out whether or not that is the reality.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 BTS Set Photo - Yondu Nebula with Team

Do your characters’ interactions match up with how you and Kurt bonded in your life? Do they meet each other and hit it off immediately?

Chris Pratt: I’m really gonna be delicate with this because it’s so good and I know it starts bordering on spoiler territory. There was a moment in rehearsal where Kurt – the rehearsal process was so awesome with him. So fun and cool and surreal. But there was a moment [when] he said, listen, there’s never been as many people in his life, both professionally and personally, pushing him towards doing something. He’s gotten emails, people coming out of the woodwork in his personal life and his business life like, ‘You gotta go do this movie! You gotta go do this thing!’ And he said that to me, and I’m sure he would mention that all to you. And then he said something that was interesting, which was, ‘What does …’ and this was his words - he said, ‘In the first movie, no one knew who you were. They didn’t really know who Chris Pratt was.’ And this is one of the very few times I’m ever gonna refer to myself as Chris Pratt. [Laughs] Like a new thing I do nowadays! But he said, people know who he is. People know who Kurt Russell is, and now have a better idea of who I am. So when they come into a movie like this, they’re kind of waiting to see, what is Kurt Russell going to say to Chris Pratt? And he was like, ‘If there’s not an honesty here and if we can’t determine something that I really would say to you, if we can’t root that in some kind of reality for ourselves, it might not work that well.’ So in rehearsal, we found a really great way to come from a place of absolute truth in the way we deal with one another in this movie. So, it’s not exactly the same, and I don’t wanna spoil too much about the nature of their relationship because that’s so much of the journey of this movie, but it’s definitely honest.

How does Star-Lord evolve in this film? How is he different from the first film?

Chris Pratt: Well, I mean, we’re picking up a couple of months after the first movie so there was a certain evolution that happened with him in the first movie and it was important to all of us that we don’t move backwards and all of a sudden start where he was at the beginning of the first movie and just tell that story over again. So, he definitely feels a responsibility, feels like he’s a leader, but it’s still a group of misfits. He still has to deal with Rocket, and he still has to deal with Drax and Gamora, and the way that it is. There’s still a lot of fun to be had there. He certainly doesn’t have a mastery on how to be a leader of this group. But I think he feels like the leader of this group at the beginning of this.

Has messing with the Power Stone done anything at all to him?

Chris Pratt: It plays a certain role. His interaction with the Infinity Stone in the first movie becomes - there’s a thread there that gets pulled in the second movie, like you get to know a little bit more. But yeah, that wasn’t an unimportant aspect of who he is.

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