Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Director Clarifies Adam Warlock & Darkhawk Rumor

Adam Warlock and the Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is set to be Marvel's first big hit for 2017. The teasers released so far have already racked up huge numbers, and a funny new tease posted yesterday reminded fans that the new trailer is set to drop very soon.

Despite early reports from director James Gunn that the new movie would only feature two new characters, the roster seems to keep expanding. Not only will all of the Guardians be returning, but they'll be augmented by Nebula and Yondu, plus new character Mantis. We know she'll be a bit different from the comics, as will some of the other new characters. There's the villainous Ayesha, and then there's Star-Lord's father, Ego. Even with all of those additions, Gunn recently said that another major character was cut from almost appearing in the movie. It's long been rumored that Adam Warlock may have been that character, and a new set of toys from Marvel seemed to add credence to the idea that he could still appear.

Earlier today, Gunn (courtesy of CBR) responded to that rumor (and one that Darkhawk would appear in the film as well), addressing whether the toys meant the characters would be in the film. Following that post, Gunn took to Twitter to clarify his previous comments, once again opening up the possibility that Adam Warlock could appear:

“I think it was not very well thought out because I’m getting questions about. ‘Is Darkhawk in the movie because of the Marvel Legends figure? Is Adam Warlock in the movie because of the Marvel Legends figures?'All you need to do is look at the packaging, you guys. On the packaging cover, it says ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ on the figures that are from the movie and it doesn’t say Vol. 2 on the other figures. So that should tell you what’s from the movie and what’s not.”

I didn’t confirm anything other than some of the Marvel Legends figures - such as those ones - are not Vol 2 figures.

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) February 28, 2017

Marvel Legends Adam Warlock Toy

While the toy's presence certainly doesn't confirm anything, it added to the rumors already in existence. With Ayesha being Warlock's other half in the comics, and Warlock's cocoon teased in the Collector's collection in the first film, it seemed as though the character could easily join the franchise at any time.

At this point, it seems as though fans are back where they started. While Gunn admits that the toys don't guarantee the characters will appear, he also seems to say that if they were to appear, they'd look different from the versions we've seen. While Darkhawk is likely a long-shot, and many other Marvel toys have been released for characters likely not in upcoming movies, this doesn't exactly put the Adam Warlock rumors to bed.

While we continue to make heads or tails of all of this, there's still plenty of concrete things to be excited about. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will bring a number of new Marvel characters to life and looks to be an exciting continuation of the action and comedy of the first film. It is also known that the film will feature a few small cameos, like one from Rob Zombie. And speaking of toys, Rocket is getting his very own premium Hot Toys figure, complete with a Baby Groot. For fans of the characters, these next few months will certainly be exciting, even without Warlock and Darkhawk.

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Source: CBRJames Gunn

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