15Vance Astro's depressing origin

Vance Astro's history

Imagine this. You grow up a normal kid, in our time; you enter the astronaut program when you become an adult, become a celebrated hero, and everything's coming up roses. You're selected for the first-ever voyage from Earth to another solar system. It's a great honor.

You're placed in suspended animation

and the ship is launched. Things go wrong. You land at your destination one thousand years later, and upon waking up, you discover that your entire mission was pointless because while you were asleep, human technology advanced to the point that the planet you were going to visit has already been colonized by mankind.

This is the story of Vance Astro, the original leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, a man out of time on a scale Captain America couldn't even begin to fathom. When the alien Badoon attacked our solar system, Vance had little choice but to team up with other refugees and try to set things right. But his fight with his own time-displaced demons would last a lot longer.

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