This Guardians of the Galaxy Theory Makes THOR 2 Worth It

Thor: The Dark World remains one of Marvel's rare disappointments, but thanks to one new (and fantastic) fan theory it may soon be treasured instead - for creating one of the Guardians of the Galaxy's strangest enemies.

The movie may have had its defenders for a time, but now that even Chris Hemsworth Admits Thor 2 was a dud, the harsh truth has been accepted. So as fans look forward to Thor's Ragnarok reboot, most may wish to never look back again. But that's about to change if a new Reddit theory--one of the more imaginative MCU fan theories that we've yet seen--is to be believed. While Thor was waging war against the Dark Elves... did YOU catch the birth of Taserface?

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For those who may not recall the unfortunately-named, would-be leader of the Ravagers, we wouldn't advise you to feel too guilty. Honestly, his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe being forgotten next to villains like Ego, Ronan, and Thanos is the kind of legacy he rightly deserves. But as Reddit user 'MightyMary0007' points out, the public's perception may change when revisiting a certain scene from Thor: The Dark World. The scene in which an imprisoned Marauder helps Kurse escape from his Asgardian jail cell... using his face:

The single image of the scene above makes it appear to be purely comedic, but at the time, it was no joke. Having disguised himself as just another troublemaker from an inter-realm conflict, Malekith's second-in-command Algrim (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) waited until he was safely stowed away inside the Asgardian Dungeons. Then retrieving the magic stone from inside an open wound, Algrim crushed it, triggering his transformation into the last of the Dark Elves' Kursed berserkers. To the horror and panic of his cellmates, for obvious reasons.

Upon completing the transformation, 'Kurse' grabbed hold of one of his fellow prisoners to test out the magical force-fields containing the prisoners. It was obviously not a voluntary partnership, as evidenced by the pained groans, screams, and convulsions of the Marauder whose face was pushed into, and ultimately through the barrier, before being tossed aside unconscious (or presumably dead).

But as this Redditor highlights, the Marauder's clothing, build, and facial wounds actually connect the dots between his own appearance... and that of Taserface, the Ravager who attempts to claim Yondu's role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Or the man that Taserface used to be before he was permanently disfigured and returned to Yondu and the rest of his exiled Ravager family. Take a look for yourselves at the Marauder prior to his facial wounds, and the Ravager this theory claims he then becomes:

It's a compelling theory due mainly to just how unexpectedly fun and, admittedly, convincing it is at first glance. Before fans get too excited that this secret origin story for Taserface is the last Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg still held by James Gunn, it's almost certainly not. For starters, that isn't actor Chris Sullivan in the Dark World scene (obviously). But even if he had yet to be cast by Gunn--having seen the Dark World scene, and secretly chosen to add in this connection--the behind the scenes footage and photos of Guardians 2 show that Taserface was originally going to have purple skin, just like his comic book counterpart. And not purple as in 'bruised,' but purple to the same degree that Gamora is green, or Yondu blue.

But that won't stop fans from making this hilarious-in-hindsight origin story their headcanon for the short-lived Ravager leader. Especially since it gives Thor: The Dark World a place in the larger MCU canon that is as fun, irreverent, and inside joke-y as Ragnarok turned out to be. Even if James Gunn comes out tomorrow and kills this theory dead, we can guarantee plenty of fans, ourselves included, will never watch this sequence the same way again.

Now how did Taserface make it back out of Asgard, we wonder...

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Source: Reddit

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