Star-Lord's Dad Just Became One of Marvel's Deadliest Villains

Guardians of the Galaxy Starlord Father Villain

Warning: SPOILERS for Guardians of the Galaxy #7

Marvel fans may know Star-Lord's father as 'Ego' thanks to the Guardians of the Galaxy films, but in the comics his true father J'Son of Spartax has been missing for years. The good news is that he's just returned in search of his son. The bad news... is that he's now one of the most dangerous beings in the Marvel Universe.

Nice as it is to imagine, J'son's return certainly isn't to lend a helping hand to the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the latest unforeseen twist in the rebooted Guardians comic, J'Son is revealed to be the leader of a familiar, and now very different, dangerous threat: the Universal Church of Truth. And like any good father, he wants his son, Peter Quill, to join him. Even if that means he has to abduct and brainwash the rest of the Guardians in the process, too.

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The Universal Church of Truth has a long history in Marvel Comics, and with the Guardians of the Galaxy in particular. Fans might recognize them as the cult that famously worshiped the malevolent Magus a.k.a. the evil side of Adam Warlock. In the past, they powered their colossal engines on faith--but things have changed. As revealed in Guardians of the Galaxy #7, the Church itns't just back, but even deadlier than before, now that they're being powered by LIFE itself.

Star-Lord Guardians Against Church of Truth

That's right, the new Universal Church of Truth is stealing the will to live from anyone who crosses their path. In the issue that begins with officers of the famous Nova Corps police force, and in its final pages, draws the same energy from Marvel's new team of Guardians. In another case of comics and movies inspiring the other, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 showed Peter Quill learn the truth about his father (although re-imagined as Ego the Living Planet for the MCU) and his dreams of domination. While his father has a different name in the comics, he does have similar characteristics. For example, J'Son has always tried to get Peter to join him... and has turned to some less than honest or moral means to make it happen. But none of them compare to his newest tactic.

While the on-again-off-again lovers Peter and Gamora reunite in an intimate moment (Star-Lord sacrificing himself for Gamora's life will do that) until being interrupted by Groot, who has an important message for Peter. A transmission has been received after years of silence, personally recorded by J'Son wanting to apologize to his son for his past mistakes. In the video, a sincere J'Son tells Peter that he is sorry for being a terrible father to him, and claims this might be his last chance to tell him, without offering any explanation. He then warns Peter not to come find him--but anyone who knows Star-Lord knows that isn't likely to happen. Quill drops everything and rushes to his father's aide, with the Guardians behind him all the way as they leap into unknown danger.

The former Inhuman and new Guardian Lockjaw teleports them into the Universal Church of Truth's cathedral ship, as psychic team member Moondragon immediately recognizes something suspicious is afoot. While staying behind to monitor the mission telepathically (along with the former Captain Groot), she warns them to get out of there, and fast. Just as a strange man protected by guards arrives to greet them, he reveals himself to be 'Patriach,' soon the be the right hand man of the resurrected messiah.

Within seconds, the Universal Church of Truth has the Guardians under its power, before letting Peter go free of its control. As he lays there, crying, the Patriarch reveals himself to Peter as his father, J'Son. And after offering him a glimpse of the future, explains the messiah must be resurrected in order to slay death. With no other choice, Groot and Moondragon recruit the one and only Rocket Raccoon (who is looking pretty beat up) to help them out. Will they have a chance against this new Universal Church of Truth? Or is this the end of the Guardians? And is the messiah J'Son wants to resurrect the former Magus?!

Guardians of the Galaxy #6 is on sale now from Marvel Comics, and at your local comic shop.

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