Guardians of the Galaxy Reboot Promises 'Every Cosmic Hero'

The future of the Guardians of the Galaxy has never been less certain, and as Marvel prepares to build a new team they're keeping the roster a secret. But one thing they ARE willing to confirm is that the Guardians reboot will include "every cosmic superhero in the known universe."

The only question left to ask is which of those dozens of characters will actually make the cut, and become the official, new, Guardians of the Galaxy? The comic publisher has teased the final dozen heroes, from whose ranks the last six will be chosen. The plan still includes Peter Quill a.k.a. Star-Lord at their center... but with Marvel confirming that one Guardian of the Galaxy will be killed before the entire team is reset and relaunched, it's hard to guarantee even the MCU mainstay will still be alive to lead the new team.

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From the very first announcement, writer Donny Cates has been outspoken about the scale of risks and ridiculousness being pursued right out of the gate with Guardians of the Galaxy #1 coming in January 2019. The promotional art featured the likes of Silver Surfer, Galactus, Adam Warlock, Nova, and a host of others seemingly in the running to join the new team - and hopefully become the next Groot, Rocket, or Drax. Now that the first official details for Guardians #1 have arrived along with the cover art, the size of the party can truly be grasped. Read the synopsis for yourself:

WHO WILL STAND. The universe is on fire. Hundreds of worlds are at war. Never has there been such hatred and division across the cosmos. And in spite of all this, Thanos of Titan is still dead…or is he? Now, more than ever, the cosmos need the Guardians of the Galaxy…but in the aftermath of the Infinity Wars, who is left to answer the call? Featuring every cosmic super hero in the known universe by the THANOS WINS creative team of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw!

The Marvel Universe is still smack dab in the middle of the Infinity Wars event, with the previously mentioned death of a core Guardian confirmed to drop in Infinity Wars #5. That shocker will be accompanied by a standalone issue titled Fallen Guardian, offering a memorial dedicated to the lost team member. Bets are still open as to which hero will pay the ultimate price, and miss out on even a shot at the rebooted roster. And since all the Guardians are included in the marketing for Guardians of the Galaxy #1, Marvel is keeping the mystery alive for now.

We'll leave the fans to create their own picks for the rebooted Guardians, choosing six out of the final eleven candidates. Will you throw your weight behind Beta Ray Bill, finally getting a chance to return to the spotlight? Or is it a cosmic throwback like Phyla-Vell or Moondragon you're eager to see back in action? Who knows, with the way the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 movie is being delayed, maybe Marvel could look to the comics for ideas on potentially recasting the film, or bringing more heroes into the fold.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 will arrive in January from Marvel Comics.

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