Guardians of The Galaxy Being Rebooted By Marvel Comics

The Guardians of the Galaxy are reuniting for Marvel, but the new team won't include the same heroes as before. The new roster is a mystery for now, but the comic publisher is teasing some of the biggest stars of Marvel's galactic realm as possible teammates. Literally... even Galactus.

This news arrives at a time when the movie future of the Guardians of the Galaxy is just as much of an unknown. Previously one of the MCU's most bankable properties, the Guardians of Marvel Comics have actually been broken up for a while now. Which means it's time for fans to celebrate the creation of at least one new Guardians series (for now). And Marvel is building the hype early.

Think you can guess the new lineup of heroes? Fair warning: Marvel promises it will be a surprise - and an "insane" one at that.

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The news comes straight from Marvel Comics directly, with confirmation that the Guardians of the Galaxy are finally returning as a standalone comic series (which ended its previous run back in January of 2018). And to make it meet its full potential, the book is being entrusted to Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw. The pair previously collaborated on Thanos' solo comic, which should raise the hype even further, considering that comic proved to be one of the best Thanos stories we've read in years.

So with Thanos down, and Cosmic Ghost Rider showing that brand of space-craziness is infectious, what else is next, if not a brand new team of Guardians of the Galaxy?

Cates has technically already done this job already, introducing the wild Guardians of the Galaxy of the future, but along with the first image comes a promise from Cates himself that this new story may be even wilder. The relaunch will have some direct ties to his and Shaw's "Thanos Wins" storyline. But if you think Thanos Legacy #1 hints at where this tale is headed... you may not want to hold your breath:

Geoff and I have some INSANE plans for our first Guardians arc. This arc is called 'Endgame,' and as seen in Thanos Legacy, it begins with the reading of Thanos's last will and testament. An artifact that Thanos's brother Eros dug out of his late brother's heart, which very well may spell doom for the entire universe. What horrid secrets are contained inside the will of the titan?!! Find out this January!! And oh yeah... our new lineup. Well, that's a surprise as well. Use the hashtag #WhoAreTheGuardians online and maybe we'll give out some teases as we get closer! See you all in space!

For those more familiar with the films than the current Infinity Wars comic event, the latest developments make some favorite Guardians more than a little likely to be left out of the team. But her, that's what happens when Gamora kills Thanos AND Star-Lord in pursuit of the rest of Marvel's Infinity Stones. Needless to say, a lot of wrongs will need to be righted for Gamora to get back on the team. Unlikely, but not impossible.

Which of the characters teased in the Guardians artwork above do YOU hope to see join the team? Adam Warlock? Beta Ray Bill? Or even Galactus himself?

Guardians of the Galaxy will be starting fresh in 2019.

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Source: Marvel

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