Marvel's NEW Guardians of the Galaxy Finally Revealed

Warning: SPOILERS for Guardians of the Galaxy #1

Marvel promised they would reboot the Guardians of the Galaxy with a brand new team of cosmic heroes, and now that the new roster has been revealed, comic fans are guaranteed to go to war over who made the cut... and who got killed, instead.

Fear not, fans of Peter Quill a.k.a. Star-Lord, the human is still technically the leader of the team. But while the movie future of the Guardians of the Galaxy has never seemed less certain, the comic book version isn't wasting any time giving fans the team-ups they really want. Even though they have just assembled for the first time, it's clear the NEW Guardians of the Galaxy are even crazier than the old ones.

And yes... that includes Beta Ray Bill, at long last.

The Old Guardians are Dead

Fans of the MCU may be surprised to learn that the Guardians had actually had their comic canceled, and disbanded long before this reboot, proving to be less bankable than their movie counterparts (oh how the tables can turn). But to further hype the recent Infinity Wars event, Marvel promised that the galactic story would reunite the fan-favorite roster... before killing a Guardian of the Galaxy for good. When the villain who opened the event by murdering Thanos was revealed to be Gamora, fans knew the publisher wasn't fooling around.

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Eventually Gamora's plan to do evil for the sake of good was thwarted, but not before Drax died to save the Marvel Universe. And so, the stage was set for the Guardians of the Galaxy reboot. Gamora exiled across the universe. Drax finally at rest. Rocket missing (for reasons not yet clear). And as the new Guardians of the Galaxy #1 begins, Groot and Peter are already late for the funeral of Thanos.

Marvel's Cosmic Heroes Unite... For an Ambush

Before the issue was released, new writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw teased that just about every cosmic Marvel superhero would be in the running to be enlisted as a member of their new Guardians. In the first issue fans learn why, since every one of those cosmic characters has gathered to hear the Last Will and Testament of Thanos... and probably verify that his head is still missing, and he truly is dead. Naturally, the most suspicious are soon vindicated, as the Black Order (known as the Children of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War) crash the party to recover their fathers corpse.

But before they leave, they make sure to clean up their mess by tearing a massive hole through the fabric of space, swallowing up the shop and every attendee of the funeral. But it's at that very moment that Star-Lord and Groot appear with the Nova Corps... and a single lifeline bursts back through the wormhole.

The Fan-Favorite Hammer & Chain Survive...

At last, the mad plan of the new Guardians creative team becomes perfectly clear. By attending the funeral, the host of cosmic heroes and villains got a chance to be the only ones who survived to fill out the new roster. And as an Asgardian hammer blasts back into this universe, dragging a red-hot chain behind it, Marvel fans who know their comics can confirm two of the new members. As they pull their way aboard Star-Lord's new ship, it isn't just two new recruits revealed - but FOUR.

As the sole survivors, the new Guardians are born, and we would recommend every fan of the comics or films seek out the issue and reveal for themselves. But if you're not afraid of SPOILERS, and too eager to wait to see the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy unite, then keep on reading...

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