Star-Lord & Rocket Raccoon Lead Marvel's NEW Guardians

The Guardians of the Galaxy are getting another reboot in Marvel Comics - this time, making Star-Lord and Rocket the 'core' of the team.

Star-Lord and Rocket Guardians Comic

The Guardians of the Galaxy are currently taking on what might be their final mission as a team in Marvel Comics, but no matter how successful they wind up being, fans already know that a new Guardians comic will start fresh in January 2020. And now, they know the two team members who will form the heart of the story, as well.

This new beginning is a bit sooner than most will expect, since Star-Lord's current mission is less than a year into the last Guardians of the Galaxy reboot. But judging by the team confirmed for the new series, this current adventure will be forming something of a middle chapter. In the wake of the massive Infinity Wars event (in which Drax was killed), the cosmic outlaws needed to be reset, both in attitude and roster. Moondragon, Nova, Phyla-Vell, and more have been brought into the inner circle of the Guardians, now writer Al Ewing confirms that those hoping to see a blooming bromance between Peter Quill and Rocket Raccoon will also be in luck.

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The new series from Al Ewing and Juann Cabal looks to bring energy (and style) to these two leading Guardians -- don't worry, Groot will still be part of the team -- and in an interview with CBR, Ewing suggests the tension and bitterness between Peter and Rocket will be over soon. It's evident that Rocket Raccoon's 'death' won't be permanent, meaning they can finally get to mending those broken fences:

I've got big plans for both of these guys -- in some ways, these two, and their friendship, is the core of the entire book. If you go all the way back to the first appearance of the modern Rocket, when he was re-introduced to the main Marvel Universe in Annihilation: Conquest, it was him and Pete. Before Groot, before anyone. So we're going to be seeing these two reconnect a little bit -- not to say that Groot is going to be out of the picture entirely, but I feel like there's a dynamic between Rocket and Peter Quill that I'd like to explore more. Individually - well, anyone who followed the Rocket mini knows how I handle him, but as for Star-Lord... there's a direction for that character I'd like to follow, and I'm getting to do it. So that'll be fun.

I want to do a book that appeals to all the Guardians fans -- to fans of big action, big emotion and the big dirty politics you only get from interstellar empires rattling the sabres. I hope you'll all come along for the ride.

Guardians Galaxy New Comic Cover

Fans can look forward to the reboot's arrival this January, the credits and plot synopsis for which can be found below. Now if they can only pull manage to escape their slaughter of an army of Drax clones...

  • Written by: Al Ewing
  • Penciled by: Juann Cabal
  • Cover by: Juann Cabal, Dean White
  • Once, they were a team of misfits. Now they're a family, and they've earned their peace. But the universe is not a peaceful place -- and it's only getting worse. The Great Empires are in turmoil. The rule of law is dead. And amidst the chaos, the Gods of Olympus have returned -- harbingers of a new age of war, reborn to burn their mark on the stars themselves. Someone has to guard the galaxy - but who will accept the mission? And will they survive it? Al Ewing (IMMORTAL HULK) and Juann Cabal (FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN) bring you in on the ground floor of a whole Marvel Universe of action and suspense!

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 will be available at your local comic book shop starting in January of 2020.

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Source: CBR

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