New Guardians of the Galaxy Take Over Marvel Comics

The time of the old Guardians of the Galaxy is at an end, and to celebrate the launch of the new team, and it's new heroes, Marvel is spreading their faces across their entire comics universe.

The comic publisher has revealed the entire lineup of variant covers for some of their key books, from Amazing Spider-Man, through Deadpool, to The Avengers and more. The final roster of characters that will be leading the Guardians of the Galaxy reboot is still a closely guarded secret at Marvel, but the cast of current and former Guardians from which the final team will be selected are getting this shot at the spotlight, no matter what.

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The festivities will officially begin in January 2019, after Marvel has warned that a Guardian of the Galaxy will die before the end of the ongoing Infinity Wars. And as the dust settles, and the tears fall, the time will come for the NEXT wave of the Guardians of the Galaxy to rise. The new Guardians creative team of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw are promising that just about every cosmic hero Marvel Comics has will be joining in on the relaunch. And now that the variant covers accompanying the launch of Guardians #1 have been unveiled, fans can start to see how one-of-a-kind that cast will truly be.

Have a look at the comics included and the variants to look out for as the next chapter in the Guardians of the Galaxy's story begins:

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #14 by Gerald Parel

AVENGERS #13 by Patrick Zircher with colors by Jason Keith

BLACK PANTHER #8 by Jamal Campbell

DEADPOOL #8 by Jamal Campbell

DOCTOR STRANGE #10 by Will Sliney with colors by Frank D’Armata

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1 by Ron Lim with colors by Israel Silva


SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #2 by Mike McKone with colors by Jesus Aburtov

X-FORCE #2 by Ema Lupacchino

New York, NY—November 28, 2018— This January, Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw – the creative team that brought you Thanos – will bring a new GUARDIANS OF GALAXY series to readers! And to celebrate the debut of this brand-new team, Marvel is releasing a series of variant covers showcasing past and present Guardians of the Galaxy characters from superstar artists Mike McKone, Ema Lupacchino, Dale Keown, Will Sliney, and more!

Its heartbreaking to think that in this group of Marvel heroes as famous now to movie audiences as comic book readers, the current stars of the MCU's Guardians of the Galaxy chief among them, is one outlaw who will have sacrificed their life before these covers hit store shelves. But until we're forced to deal with that tragedy head-on, we'll just keep pretending everything is going to be all right with the Guardians' future.

With Cates and Shaw leading the reboot, there's reason for fans to get excited about the new, rebooted Guardians in the comic books, at least.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 will arrive in January 2019 from Marvel Comics.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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