Another Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg Found, But Not The Big One

MCU Guardians Skrulls

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for littering its movies with nifty Easter Eggs, and yet another one has been found from James Gunn's original Guardians of the Galaxy, some four years after it first hit theaters.

Gunn wrote and directed the first two Guardians movies - with a third on the way - and his trips to the MCU cosmos have already earned him a legion of fans. Gunn was also the first to say that not every little Easter Egg that he hid in the first Guardians movie has been found, but one lucky fan just cracked another one wide open. In fact, this one could actually come into play with the upcoming Captain Marvel.

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Taking to Twitter, superfan @danactual looked back at Stan Lee's cameo in the movie and noticed something no one had before. In addition to the alien language featured on Rocket's display screen spelling Lee's signature catchphrase "Excelsior", it was actually written in the Skrull language. Looking for confirmation from the man himself, Gunn then took to social media to reveal this was a particularly good spot - but isn't THAT big Easter Egg everyone is hunting for:

Considering that Lee's MCU cameos are some of the most-watched scenes the franchise has to offer, it is amazing that the Skrull text has only just been discovered now. Also, it shows that MCU bosses have been thinking about the villainous aliens for awhile now. Gunn had previously said that the Skrulls are some of his favorite Marvel characters, but he will have to wait until after Brie Larson's Carol Danvers has kicked their butt in Captain Marvel, before Gunn can feature them alongside the Guardians.

Gunn makes no bones about his fanboy status, having famously showed off just how invested he gets into the world of the Guardians comics before he even thinks about tackling their movies. Furthermore, having gotten to explore the MCU cosmos - instead of being confined to earth like the rest of the franchise - has given him the opportunity to hide various species and long-forgotten characters in plain sight, for only the most eagle-eyed of viewers to find.

As for the still missing HUGE Easter Egg, we're still no closer to find out where it is or the other missing one from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. Gunn has hyped it as a major piece of information, but with Vol.3 scheduled for a 2020 release in Phase 4, there is still a little while to find a few more missing Guardians eggs before Star-Lord and co. blast off on their next solo adventure. In the meantime, kudos should be given to Gunn for finding a way to include the Skrulls in his first Guardians movie, in some fashion.

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Source: James Gunn

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