'Guardians of the Galaxy' Crew Answer Fan Questions

Guardians of the Galaxy - Peter Quill flying Milano

Our galaxy is a dangerous place, but luckily it has some Guardians to watch over it: a green-skinned assassin, a green-skinned warrior, a talking raccoon, a walking tree and a guy with a Walkman. Guardians of the Galaxy definitely looks like it will be the most bizarre Marvel movie so far, and that's saying a lot in a cinematic universe that already has Norse gods and giant flying serpents.

Rather than trying to downplay the weirdness of the movie, the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty forthright about the odd nature of its heroes, though Earth-born Peter Quill and his 70s rock were able to anchor things a little. It was a great teaser for one of this summer's most highly anticipated movies.

The trailer - and the concept of a Guardians of the Galaxy movie in general - have also raised a lot of questions. To help answer some of them, producer Kevin Feige, director James Gunn and star Chris Pratt sat down with AMC Movie Talk for a Q&A on Guardians of the Galaxy, including questions submitted by fans.

When asked if he considered the project a risk, Feige responded that all Marvel movies are risky:

"All of us at the studio wanted to do something new, wanted to do something original … Excited about doing something, frankly, that most people had never heard of... [It] couldn't be more distant in geography to the other films. 99% of this movie takes place on the other side of the galaxy. Never mind the themes and character interaction… there are a handful of characters you’ll see in this movie who will carry through to other films as threats to Earth."

Guardians of the Galaxy - Groot and Rocket fighting

The latter statement isn't too surprising, since Thanos has previously caused trouble for the people of Earth and The Collector (Benicio del Toro) was first introduced in a post-credits for Thor: The Dark World. Despite the fact that most moviegoers who are familiar with Marvel movies now know better than to leave the theater too early, Feige insists that post-credits scenes are by no means guaranteed:

"We don’t look at those post-credits scene as mandatory in any way. If we have something fun, we’ll add it. That’s part of the fun for sitting through the credits... We build that in from the very beginning on the actor’s schedules, in the actual budget. … We always build in additional time for when a cool idea comes up. James has had some cool ideas so we’re going to get after that."

As with any superhero team, there are a lot of comic book characters with connections to the Guardians and it can be difficult to fit them all into the space of a single movie. Lee Pace and Karen Gillan will bolster the villain side as Ronan the Accuser and Nebula, respectively, while Michael Rooker will star as Yondu, Michael C. Reilly as Nova Corps leader Rhomann Dey, Djimon Hounsou as Korath the Pursuer and Glenn Close as Nova Prime.

When it comes to other characters in the universe, however, Gunn says that fans may have to hope for a sequel if they want to see them.

"There’s a lot of them. There’s so many great characters. … There are some great original Guardians; I love Star-Hawk... Bug was in early drafts, but never a main Guardian. Tantalus was in for a while … If we’re fortunate enough to make another film in the future, there’s plenty of characters to bring in. There are nods or teases to them in the film."

Feige did hint that fans of talking dog Cosmo "will have to wait and see the movie," and reiterated that while Peter Quill might have dominated the trailer, Rocket is still the heart and focus of the movie. This seems like a good way to go, since a raccoon with anger issues who can talk, walk on his hind legs and is very proficient with firearms isn't the kind of character that audiences will readily accept if he just stays on the sidelines.


Guardians of the Galaxy arrives in theaters on August 1, 2014.

Source: AMC (via Collider)

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