Guardians of the Galaxy Were Almost Magic High School Girls in Comics

Comic writer Christina Strain revealed that Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy nearly became something very different in the comic universe... magic High School girls! The space-faring team became a smash hit when they joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2014 in Guardians of the Galaxy, and fans are currently looking forward to the third solo Guardians film (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3), which is tentatively set for release in 2020.

In the meantime, the Guardians of the Galaxy will be making their next big-screen appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, when they bump into Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and join the rest of the Marvel heroes in the fight against Thanos (Josh Brolin). The Guardians are a fan-favorite team, but it has now been revealed that a very different version of these heroes nearly made it into Marvel comics.

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In a conversation on Twitter, writer Jordan D Wight offered to answer questions from followers, and a user asked if there were any Marvel titles that he had always wanted to edit. Writer Christina Strain chimed in to say that she and Jordan once worked on a pitch that would reimagine the Guardians as magical teenage girls in high school!

Jordan and I once worked on a Guardians of the Galaxy pitch where everyone was in high school and also magical girls. I’m still sad that never happened.

— Christina Strain (@christinastrain) January 2, 2018

Oh, you have no idea. Star-Lord would've been Star-Lady, Rocket was going to be the most violent animal mascot ever, and Drax was going to just be... well, Drax. The only magical dude of the bunch.

— Christina Strain (@christinastrain) January 2, 2018

Strain went on to reveal more about the pitch itself, including Star-Lord as Star-Lady, Rocket Raccoon as a violent mascot, and Gamora as simply teenage Gamora (because, in her words "she is perfect"). Drax also wouldn't have undergone any major changes, but would have been "the only magical dude of the bunch". Sadly, she also says that it died as a pitch, and so never became an actual comic book.

While it would have been amazing to see this team as magical teen girls, it's doubtful that this pitch will ever be re-visited or brought to life within the Marvel comic universe. However, there are plenty of other teen titles in Marvel and DC to enjoy - Runaways, about a group of super-powered teens, has recently been adapted for a TV series which is getting solid reviews. Generation Hope and The Young Avengers are also teen comic series, although all of these are simply about teen heroes, rather than a reimagining of adult heroes as teenagers.

We'll just have to love the Guardians of the Galaxy as they are in Marvel's universe - ass-kicking adults, rather than magical teens. And as wonderful as the idea sounds, there's no denying that the Guardians are pretty fantastic just the way they are.

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Source: Christina Strain

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