Guardians of the Galaxy Director Praises Logan


It had become pretty clear leading up to the film's release date that 20th Century Fox's Logan had emerged as one of the most anticipated blockbuster films set to hit theaters this year. Considering that 2017 boasts one of the most-packed lineups of tentpole films in recent memory, that was certainly saying something too. Luckily, Logan was met with overwhelmingly positive early reviews from both critics and fans alike, leading to it having the highest Rotten Tomatoes score out of any X-Men film in history. So to say that it looked as though Hugh Jackman's final film as Wolverine was going to be his best one yet, would be a massive understatement.

As the film's record-breaking opening weekend proves, Logan is quickly becoming one of the most beloved and critically-acclaimed films that the comic book genre has ever seen - which means 20th Century Fox's belief in writer/director James Mangold's hard R-rated vision may have paid off after all. It looks like Logan has already garnered a pretty big fan from one of the genre's other most prominent filmmakers as well.

After seeing it yesterday for the first time, Guardians of the Galaxy writer and director, James Gunn, shared his thoughts on Logan through his personal Twitter account. Echoing some of the praise that the film has already been on the receiving end of, Gunn calls it "the best time he's had in a theater in a long, long time." Check it out for yourself down below:


I absolutely loved @WolverineMovie. Huge thanks to @mang0ld for giving me the best time I had at a theater in a long, long time. #Logan

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) March 5, 2017

Gunn has always been quick to share his thoughts on the current state of the comic book movie genre over the years, and last year even, he went on to praise Deadpool - Fox's other notably risky standalone X-Men film - while also warning of the possible dangers of its success. So it's not that Logan necessarily needed any more praise than it's already received, but Gunn's opinion is certainly appreciated nonetheless. James Mangold himself even responded to Gunn's tweet, thanking the fellow filmmaker for his feedback.


There's an air of sadness surrounding the release of Logan, no doubt, since it marks the end of a 17-year-long journey for both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in the X-Men cinematic universe. But at the same time, both actors were able to turn in some of their best work yet as Wolverine and Professor X in the film, which honored their legacy with the respect and dramatic weight that they deserved. The future of the X-Men universe moving forwards may be even more uncertain now than it was before, but it's clear that Jackman and Stewart's roles in it will never, ever be forgotten.

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Source: Twitter

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