Guardians of the Galaxy Recruit Marvel's BEST Inhuman

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS for Guardians of the Galaxy #5

The new Guardians of the Galaxy team have been stranded after searching for Gamora, with the intent to protect her from Marvel's evil Dark Guardians. Their former teammate is now missing, which means they must call on the help of the most fan-favorite of Marvel's Inhumans. That's right, Lockjaw is an honorary Guardian.

As if the previous issue didn't leave enough of a cliffhanger by having Star-Lord almost killed by Nebula, Guardians #5 begins with Peter Quill alive and recognizing the team has no time to spare. Even if Groot may be the leader of the Guardians instead of him, Peter knows that they must rescue Gamora from the Black Order before they can turn her into the next Thanos. But cut off from the Nova Corps, left without a ship, and absolutely no leads on where Gamora has been taken (assuming she's even still alive), it's Beta Ray Bill who comes to the rescue, letting everyone know he's got a... uniquely gifted friend.

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As we learned in Death of The Inhumans comic event, things aren't going so great for the franchise's heroes (in fact, they're even worse than Marvel's Inhumans TV show). Black Bolt has lost his superpowers, and several key characters have been killed, sending the survivors into hiding. But that doesn't stop Lockjaw from coming to help his long time friend when he needs him. After all, Beta Ray Bill came to the Inhumans' aid after learning that Lockjaw was dead (he didn't stay that way, of course).

Lockjaw is happy to help, and even offers condolences about the tragedy of Rocket Raccoon (which readers will finally get to see explained in Guardians of the Galaxy #7 - just two more issues to go!). For the unfamiliar, Lockjaw's unique ability allows him to instantly teleport himself and his companions to... well, just about anywhere in the universe--including teleporting into the DC Comics reality, too. With a scent of Gamora to track, the team is transported to Lilandra IV, where they meet a distraught Gamora claiming it is too late... Thanos is back in his new body.

So, will Lockjaw stay with the Guardians of the Galaxy now that the Inhumans don't need him? It certainly seems like they could use the help with Thanos being a threat again. It was in the Death of Inhumans series that we also learned Lockjaw and Beta Ray Bill have shared many adventures together, which fans of the two would surely like to read. Can we expect to see a series detailing more of the friendship that Beta Ray Bill and Lockjaw share? We can only hope.

Guardians of the Galaxy #5 is on sale now from Marvel Comics, and at your local comic shop.

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