Guardians of The Galaxy Replaces Star-Lord With [SPOILER]

Warning: SPOILERS for Guardians of the Galaxy #3

If Marvel fans were shocked to see a whole new crew replace the Guardians of the Galaxy, we can't wait to see how they react to the news that Star-Lord has been removed as Captain, and leader of the team. And his replacement is the last person we expected… actually, it's the last person we ever dreamed possible.

When the news first broke that Marvel was rebooting the Guardians of the Galaxy, it seemed a useful twist of fate, since the fate of the Guardians movies (and their director) seemed uncertain. In the end, things worked out for both sides: the new roster of Guardians heroes are filled with fan-favorites, and James Gunn will direct Guardians 3 after all. But if it seemed like a shake-up of this scale was going to need to claim at least one casualty, that day has arrived. Deemed unfit to lead the Guardians on their new mission, Peter Quill has been replaced… making Groot the team's new leader. It's about time.

Star-Lord's New Enemy: Alcohol & Depression

Comic fans already know they're more likely to see alcoholism and addiction dealt with in the pages of Marvel Comics (Iron Man's planned, then scrapped bout with alcoholism proved that). But when Guardians of the Galaxy #1 begins, Star-Lord gave the impression of being the only remaining Guardian who survived the Infinity Wars event unscathed. Sure, he had been murdered by Gamora, the woman he loved, then brought back to life to see her defeated and scattered to an unknown corner of the universe. But at least he wasn't going full punk rock like Groot.

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However, the second issue of the rebooted series revealed the truth about his coping methods. Seeing Peter Quill drunk-dialing his old flame Kitty Pryde is good for a chuckle or two… but Kitty isn't laughing, instead seeing his reliance on alcohol as a problem he needs to address. When the rest of Marvel's cosmic characters united to form their own team of 'Dark Guardians' to hunt Gamora down and kill her, the pressure mounted even further, since Peter and his new Guardians are now Gamora's best chance at survival. It's more than any ex-boyfriend should ever have to deal with--which is why Peter hasn't, dragging his feet instead.

But when your crew consists of killer cosmic warriors and mighty God-like champions, sitting and doing nothing can only go on for so long. So in Guardians of the Galaxy #3, the crew is finally forced to act. They won't stand by and let Gamora be killed by outlaws in the name of cosmic crime prevention. The new Guardians need a leader who will act. A leader who isn't drowning in his guilt, trauma, or the drink. A leader who is ready.

A leader who is… Groot? You better believe it.

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