Guardians Of The Galaxy: 10 Fan Theories About Where Gamora Is

Gamora’s fate seemed pretty definitive in Avengers: Infinity War, but then the time travel antics of Avengers: Endgame left her fate frustratingly ambiguous. Even the Russo brothers, who directed Endgame, aren’t sure what happened to Gamora.

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Her past self traveled forward to 2023 with Thanos and his armies to battle the Avengers, but then she joined them in fighting the Mad Titan. When Tony Stark stole the Infinity Stones and snapped his fingers, it was left unclear if Gamora turned to dust along with all the 2014 villains she came with. So, here are 10 Fan Theories About Where Gamora Is.

10 She’s trapped in the Soul World

Thanos and Gamora in Avengers Infinity War

From what we see in Avengers: Endgame, it seems as though Soul Stone sacrifice deaths are permanent. Professor Hulk even says after finger-snapping everyone back that he tried to bring back Natasha and failed to do so.

What we might learn in Phase 4 of the MCU is that people who die to acquire the Soul Stone stay dead forever, regardless of the timeline they’re from. After Thanos snapped his fingers in Infinity War, we saw him flash to the Soul World, where he saw a young Gamora. So, maybe she’s been trapped in the Soul World this whole time.

9 Quill will bring her back with the Soul Stone

The tricky thing about Gamora is that she was sacrificed on Vormir to gain Thanos the Soul Stone. She didn’t just die; she died on a cosmic scale to secure one of the items that control the universe. Some fans believe that Peter Quill will track down the Soul Stone wherever Steve Rogers left it and try to use it to bring Gamora back.

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Quill was first brought to Ego’s attention when he heard that a human held an Infinity Stone in his bare hand and lived to tell the tale. As a half-Celestial whose superpower is, essentially, love, Quill is the best candidate for who will bring back Gamora.

8 She did turn to dust

Avengers Endgame Thanos Dusting

It would be crushingly disappointing, but maybe Gamora wasn’t spared by Tony Stark’s finger-snap. As much as a reality-bending finger-snap might sound magical, the Infinity Stones aren’t completely magical. They need guidance. For Thanos, it was the guidance that half of all life in the universe, regardless of any factors, completely at random, would be wiped from existence.

Stark had to tell the Stones who to eliminate. His snap might have just gotten rid of the bad guys, but the more likely possibility is that he eradicated everyone from the 2014 timeline, which included Gamora. But again, this would be hugely disappointing.

7 She took off after the final battle in Endgame

At the end of Endgame, following the Battle of Earth, it’s possible that Gamora took off immediately. She didn’t have any friends or allies on the battleground in 2023, since she’d traveled there from 2014, the pre-Guardians part of her life.

The only person she knew in 2023 was Nebula, and as far as she knows in her 2014 mentality, their relationship is pretty fractured. This might have been why Peter Quill was “searching” the cosmos for Gamora’s DNA after Tony Stark’s funeral – he saw her grab a ship and fly off somewhere and he wants to know where she went.

6 She’s on a random planet somewhere

The Infinity Stones are capable of doing some pretty wild things. As we’ve seen from the fact that the Avengers could simply reverse Thanos’ finger-snap by gathering the Stones and snapping their own fingers, the Stones are pretty unpredictable.

So, maybe when Tony Stark snapped his fingers, Thanos and his armies were turned to dust, while Gamora – who he wasn’t sure if he could trust – was flung across the galaxy to some random planet in the middle of nowhere. This would explain why Quill was “searching” for her on his ship’s computer, and the ship was struggling to find her.

5 She’s still dead on Vormir

Zoe Saldana as Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War

In Avengers: Endgame, the characters go to great lengths to explain to us that time is not linear. So, just because 2014 Thanos traveled to 2023 and got killed, his 2018 self will still go to Vormir and sacrifice Gamora for the Soul Stone. There’s a reason why Thanos says, “I am inevitable,” on two separate occasions – he is.

Perhaps while the Infinity Stones were doing their thing to wipe out Thanos and his armies, they figured out that Gamora was there when she shouldn’t be and they sent her back to Vormir, where she’s lying next to Black Widow, dead.

4 The Sovereign has captured her

It seems pretty clear that the search for Gamora will make up a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but there was already a setup for the threequel at the end of Vol. 2. Ayesha created Adam Warlock, the artificial being that she intends to use to destroy the Guardians, so it seemed like the Sovereign would be back in Vol. 3 with their new living weapon.

Now that the Gamora subplot will need to be added into this premise, maybe it’ll be revealed that after the events of Endgame, Gamora went up into space and got captured by the Sovereign, and they will now use her as a bargaining chip.

3 She’s in another timeline

There’s an endless list of alternate timelines that were opened up during the “Time Heist” in Avengers: Endgame. When Loki disappeared with the Space Stone, he created a new timeline. When Cap decided to stay in the past and spend a long, happy life with Peggy Carter, he created a new timeline.

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Maybe Gamora vanished into another timeline. She was spared by Stark’s finger-snap, but she wasn’t spared by the space-time continuum. For all we know, she’s in another timeline that the Guardians will have to travel through the Quantum Realm to get to. The MCU is about to introduce the multiverse, after all.

2 Adam Warlock will bring her back

The only character with an MCU presence whose strength can rival that of Thanos and Captain Marvel is Adam Warlock. We saw him being “born” in one of the many credits scenes at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Ayesha was creating him to be able to destroy the Guardians, but in the comics, he’s a member of the team, so some MCU fans expect him to be on their side by the end of the threequel. Adam has a strong connection with the Soul Stone, so there’s a chance he’ll be able to bring back Gamora.

1 She’s making up for Thanos’ evil

The Gamora we know and love from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies is well and truly dead. Thanos sacrificed her to get the Soul Stone on Vormir. The one we saw in Avengers: Endgame came from the time period just before we met her in the first Guardians film.

So, all of the character development we’ve been watching play out for the past five years has essentially been nullified. Since her change of heart to turn against Thanos and fight his armies in Endgame, she might have flown off into the depths of space to clean up the path of destruction she helped Thanos to leave previously.

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