Guardians of The Galaxy Theory Says Galactus is Final Easter Egg

The wait to uncover the last secret Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg may finally be over, with a new theory spotting Galactus himself in Marvel's movie universe. Well, the origin story of Galactus, at the very least. Considering the cosmic villain isn't owned by Marvel - yet - his inclusion would be for fans only.

Still, there have been plenty of theories swirling around James Gunn's final prize, and this one seems stronger than any before. And in the end, what may be the biggest Guardians Easter Egg may have actually been the easiest to spot... provided you knew the original Marvel Comic panel the film recreated on film.

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The new Easter Egg theory comes from YouTuber Second Son, shining the spotlight on a section of the movie many have looked to for this final secret. The sequence in question follows The Collector as he rolls out the origin story of the MCU's Infinity Stones, complete with projected video to illustrate their power. Specifically, the power of the... well, Power Stone.

Wielded by an unknown Celestial in a large staff, the Stone's purple energy burns a planet to a cinder - along with its people. At least, that's what's assumed when a humanoid face is shown alongside the attack, screaming in agony. A face and context that the YouTuber suggests is no coincidence. Take a look:

Okay, that admittedly-oddly-specific expression from the purple-hued humanoid face seems to resemble a random frame from a comic book. So what's the really convincing part of the theory? Well, that's not just any comic book, but 1997's Adventures of the X-Men #12 by writer Ralph Macchio (not that one) and artist Yancey Labat. And it's no ordinary story, either.

The link between an X-Men comic and the Guardians of the Galaxy may be tenuous, but the story being told is the birth of Galactus. Originally an alien being named Galen of Taa, he was the last person alive in a dying universe. Before the end, the voice of the 'Sentience of the Universe' (literally the embodiment of the universe) called out to Galen with a plan.

Allow them to be joined, absorb its power, and survive into the next iteration of the universe. The pair did just that, being born into the new reality in the form of a - wait for it - Cosmic Egg. The egg hatched, giving birth to the new cosmic destroyer Galactus.

The theory that this purple face is that of the man who became Galactus gains extra weight when you note one other detail in the scene.

On their own, the purple face crying in the face of imminent annihilation resembling the comic, and the staff wielded by the Celestial (holding the Power Stone) matching the helmet of Galactus may seem like small nods to Marvel fans. But set together, the staff of cosmic power seemingly wiping out everyone on this unknown world, and singling out one man recreating Galactus's own origin conveys a far greater message. One that may be a bit more compelling than showing the home planet of Loki being secretly alluded to.

The theorist, Second Son, goes on to draw a parallel between Galan and Peter Quill: both witnessing potential destruction, both hearing a voice calling out to give them a new purpose, etc. That is surely fodder for the comic book and MCU fans to debate on their own, assuming they decide this theory holds water. After all, plenty of new Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Eggs have been found since it released, with James Gunn confirming them, but maintaining they aren't the "BIG" secret.

Could this suggestion of a new Galactus origin, tied into the Infinity Stones, be that final reference? Either way, it's a well-conceived theory that only adds to the enjoyment.

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Source: YouTube (via CBR)

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