10 Guardians Of The Galaxy Cosplays That Will Have You Hooked

Everyone loves the amazing character designs for Guardians of the Galaxy, some people so much so that they've taken to cosplaying as their favorites!

Guardians of the Galaxy is easily one of the most entertaining installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has action, drama, romance-- essentially everything a great film should possess. It's light-hearted and witty dialogue is just one of the reasons that Marvel fans are so enamored with this series. The rest owing to the fact that these comic book characters have entered the three-dimensional realm with exceeding expectations.

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Like always, cosplayers are the first on the scene to promote their love for these renditions. Cosplaying is not just restricted to those who can sew and craft either; virtually anyone who has fallen in love with the Guardians of the Galaxy characters can show their appreciation through this unique work of art. It has been done countless time and this list is only the tip of the iceberg. Here are 10 Guardians of the Galaxy cosplays that will have you hooked.

10 Carina

Carina makes her first appearance in a mid-credits scene in Thor: The Dark World. Following that, she can be found in the initial Guardians of the Galaxy film, pink skin and all. She starts off as an obedient slave to the Collector, but quickly tires of his antics and tries (and fails) to use the Power Stone to kill him.

Nicole is a cosplayer model, fitness geek, and cat mom. Her remake of Carina's costume in Guardians of the Galaxy is done simply and flawlessly. Facepainting is one of the more tedious and skilled traits a cosplayer can possess, and it's easy to say that Nicole dominates at this task. Some of her other cosplays that are worth checking out are Valkyrie, Jasmine, and Wonder Woman.

9 Yondu

Michael Rooker is what makes Yondu the legacy that he is in the Guardians films. Not only is his facade accurately portrayed thanks to Marvel's costume designers, but his renegade sass is aptly displayed by Rooker on the silver screen.

Cosplayer Lana's personification of Yondu is on par with Rooker's. Genderbending is a fun and non-restricting cosplay fashion that Lana seems to have a knack for. She looks killer in her costume, which is grudgingly detailed from mohawk to boot. If you want to see what else this cosplayer is capable of, you should look into her Davy Jones and Sombra costumes.

8 Thanos

Thanos is portrayed by Josh Brolin, whose days on set mostly consisted of him wearing a black suit with CGI trackers. Could you imagine if he had to walk on stilts wearing purple face paint and a full set of armor every day?

Well, that's what this cosplayer does. It is absolutely incredible the amount of work that goes into cosplays, especially when they come out like this life-size Thanos cosplay. The details are mesmerizing, not to mention incredibly screen-accurate. Plus, how is he able to look exactly like Brolin? That's the magic of cosplay, I guess!

7 Drax

Drax the Destroyer is a welcoming addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy family. Combining his innocence with his frightening demeanor makes his character comical, yet relevant, and a force to be reckoned with if anyone tries to harm his friends. His design is simple, save for the red tattoos on his skin.

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You have to applaud this cosplayer for his patience in recreating these fine details. He's built for the part and does a phenomenal job of bringing Drax's intricate details to life. This marvel fan also has impressive Spider-Man and Captain America cosplays to brag about on his portfolio.

6 Mantis

Where would the Guardians be without Mantis' fine-tuned telepathic abilities? She's sweet and ferocious and its no wonder that cosplayers are keen to recreate her look. She's got a lot going on in her character concept, from her alien tentacles to her black sclera eyes.

Cosplayer Kylo Gwen looks like she was made to play Mantis. She embodies the character so perfectly you would think it's Pom Klementieff at first glance. If you think her Mantis is impressive, wait till you see her Mystique cosplay.

5 Groot

Groot has appeared in a few forms, most recently as a grumpy teenage stump. Audiences may not be able to understand this tree-form alien creature, but they love him and his unprecedented heroics anyway.

That explains why cosplayers like Johnny are willing to go to extremes to replicate this character. And yes, that is 100% a home-made costume. Johnny is a professional cosplayer who frequents local movie premieres like Endgame in Paris, France. A quick look at his Instagram shows that he's great at taking on the identity of Spider-Man, Woody, and Hans Solo.

4 Rocket

In the films, Rocket is your average-size raccoon, but for this cosplayer, he takes on a terrifyingly tall build. Dragon Workshop is a cosplay duo made up of David and Tina. These two talented German cosplayers have a lot to be recognized for, the best of which includes this Rocket cosplay.

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He's more intimidating than ever in this human-size form and fans are loving it. If you want to check out what else this cosplay dream team is cooking up, check out the other impressive Marvel recreations they have on their Instagram.

3 Nebula

Marvel gave Nebula a fascinating journey in the latest MCU installment, which means that fans are eager to see where they take this character next. The new Guardians film doesn't have a release date quite yet, but what remains certain is that Karen Gillian will definitely be reprising her role as the destitute alien.

Speaking of Gillian, her love for cosplays probably exceeds your average fan. Recently she shared a slough of Nebula cosplays on her Instagram with Alyson Tabbitha's rendition being easily recognizable. People were quick to point out Alyson's uncanny representation of the character. Alyson is often celebrated for her top-notch cosplay skills. Her talent knows no bounds as you can see through her other cosplays such as her Joker and Wonder Woman.

2 Gamora

Whoever cast Zoe Salanda as Gamora deserves a raise. She brings a necessary balance to the group and acts as the unofficial leader when Peter Quill's tactics just aren't cutting it. Her fearless approach and unique perspective are very much desired, which is why Gamora cosplays are routinely popping up all over the internet.

One particularly impeccable Gamora cosplay is this one created by Sara Moni. Sara's body painting skills are envious, but it's her overall cosplay that makes people do a double-take. Sara has a pretty near resemblance to Zoe Salanda, which makes her cosplay all the more convincing. Her talents can be seen showcased in her other works, such as her Domino and Super Skrull cosplay.

1 Star-Lord

Everyone wants to be Star-Lord, but few can pull off Chris Pratt's natural charm. However, this cosplayer can give the actor a run for his money. Not only does he look like Pratt, but his garb looks near identical to what he wears in the films. This cosplayer is known for being a Chris Pratt look-a-like which is why so many people are eager to stop him and ask for a picture.

His Star-Lord costume might be his claim to fame, but he's also a talented Deadpool cosplayer.

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