Thor Should Replace Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy

Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers Infinity War

Thor Would Make The Guardians True Space Avengers

The Guardians have saved the galaxy, but they tend to only reluctantly fall into doing the right thing after screwing up royally at first. They're basically mercenaries who act heroically after exhausting other possibilities. However, Thor is a bonafide hero. The Asgardian god rights wrongs, fights evil, and helps people - "because that's what heroes do". Thor can give the daughter of Thanos, the lumbering brute, the devious rodent, the teenage tree, and especially the half-human/half-Celestial scoundrel something they sorely need: someone to inspire them. Just as the current team reflects their leader Star-Lord, the Guardians of the Galaxy led by the more experienced and worthy Thor would truly become Space Avengers - the kind of real heroes the universe needs.

And maybe it's time Star-Lord followed and learned from someone else for a change. After all, Thor is battle-tested after centuries of fighting elves, frost giants, robots, and aliens. He's incredibly powerful, he works well with other heroes, and he's loyal and brave. Thor led the Revengers to save the people of Asgard from Ragnarok, and his team-up with Rocket and Groot was a big success.

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And in truth, Thor also needs the Guardians. Frankly, now that his romance with Jane Foster is over, Thor has run through his possibilities as an Avenger on Earth, which is why he has turned his focus to more exotic adventures in outer space. Moreso, a being as powerful as Thor belongs in the cosmos. There's simply more interesting fun to be had out there for the God of Thunder.

Of course, writer-director James Gunn is already developing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which will conclude the story of the current incarnation of the team. Thor may not factor into Gunn's plans at all, but there's no telling who will comprise the Guardians going forward after that. The team is so popular, however, it's bound to continue in some fashion. Meanwhile, Infinity War has proven that Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy together is too good a combination to simply abandon.

While Thor's future is also uncertain, Chris Hemsworth is game to continue wielding Stormbreaker after Avengers 4. Bringing Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy together permanently in Phase 4 and beyond is an excellent direction that would best for the characters and for the fans. The Guardians would not only be good for Thor, the God of Thunder could lead them better than Star-Lord ever has.

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