Thor Should Replace Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy

Infinity War Gave Thor Back His Godhood

At the start of Avengers: Infinity War, Thor was the most broken he'd ever been in his 1,500 years of life when the Guardians found him. After the destruction of his hammer Mjolnir and of Asgard itself, Thor endured even more horrors as he helplessly watched Thanos slaughter half of his surviving people and kill his brother Loki. No one had lost as much as quickly as the God of Thunder. Conversely, however, no hero gained more from Infinity War than Thor. He made new friends with Groot and Rocket, the latter of whom even gave him a mechanical eye to replace the one Hela took. With Stormbreaker, Thor has a new weapon to channel his lightning, and it can even open the Bifrost so that he can travel anywhere in the Nine Realms.

By the time Thor, Rocket, and Groot saved the day in Wakanda, the King of Asgard was good as new, if not even better. More importantly, his two most recent Marvel movie appearances showcased that Thor is worthy of being a leader. He inspires loyalty, he's good to his friends, and between the Revengers and his team-up with "Rabbit" and "Tree", Thor's best destiny isn't just being the "strongest Avenger" (a title he can actually claim now), but at the head of a team - preferably in outer space. The Guardians and Thor not only work well together, they could benefit from each other long-term.

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The Guardians Already Like Thor

Thor with Rocket and Groot in Avengers Infinity War

In Thor: Ragnarok, director Taika Waititi rebooted the God of Thunder to be more affable, irreverent, and less haughty. It's worked wonders, and Thor is now one of the most fun Marvel heroes, but he has also matured and grown as a person. Still, Thor's lighthearted attitude allows him to smoothly gel with the strange beings he encounters in outer space. They don't come much stranger than the Guardians, who were also rather impressed by the God of Thunder. In one of the film's best jokes, Drax was amusingly taken with this handsome "pirate angel", although it was surprisingly Rocket who crafted the closest relationship, dropping his usual irascible veneer and taking pity on the mourning God.

It's thanks to Rocket and his penchant for thievery of mechanical body parts that the God of Thunder has two eyes once more. As for Groot, once he put down his video game and came to the rescue, he gave Stormbreaker his own arm as a handle so that Thor could be mighty again. Someone who can inspire the loyalty of Rocket and Groot has done something pretty special. Now, Avengers 4 will have to do the legwork of restoring all of the Guardians (except Rocket) back to life, but after that, Thor should bid farewell to his human allies and pick right back up with the Guardians.

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