Guardians Of the Galaxy 3's Music Will Be Influenced By Yondu

James Gunn reveals the soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is going to be influenced by Peter Quill's dearly departed father figure, Yondu. In the first two movies of Marvel's cosmic series, Peter Quill's mother's taste in music fueled the Awesome Mixtapes, consisting of several catchy retro pop tunes. However, fans may remember that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 saw the destruction of Peter's Walkman, his most prized possession (and metaphorical link to the past). This summer's sequel also saw him get a Zune, taking us out to the dulcet tones of "Father and Son" by Cat Stevens over Yondu's funeral.

When we next see Peter back in the cosmic realm, he's going to need some new music. The Zune is prepared for the task with over 300 songs, but the size of that library would make it difficult for Gunn to mange in a single film, especially since he likes his music choices to reference the story. Whittling down his massive "short list" of possible songs is proving to be quite the task, but he does know that Yondu and his gift of the Zune will influence Peter's new taste in music when Vol. 3 rolls around.

Gunn shared this information during a Facebook Live Q&A session, saying that the music on the Zune is his way of speaking to the characters. It's a nice touch. Guardians shows that Peter's musical taste is shaped by his mother and that music is her legacy. With the destruction of his Walkman in Guardians 2 at the hands of his father, we now get to see how his taste is influenced by the father figure that he lost, as the Zune was a parting gift from Yondu's old Ravager buddy, Kraglin. Music is at the core of the Guardians series, and it's nice to know it's steeped in tradition.

Yondu Whistling Guardians of the Galaxy

Just what songs will make up Vol. 3's soundtrack remains to be seen. Possibilities include taking the form of a Yondu playlist made by Peter, or simply be his most "played" playlist on the Zune. With 300 songs at his disposal, the possibilities are endless, and there's a distinct chance a variety of eras (and not just the '70s and '80s) are represented. One can only wonder what Star-Lord do with an iPod, or how he'll feel when he realizes that Apple won against the Zune in the MP3 player wars.

As for the potential of a 300 song soundtrack, it's not likely at all but never rule anything out. The potential for a tie-in marketing campaign with Microsoft, Apple, or Spotify to give audiences a look at all 300 songs should be considered, and given how popular the first two soundtracks have been with fans, there would certainly be interest in this kind of a promotion.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is now available on Blu-ray and digital.

Source: Facebook

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