Lady Gaga May Play Rocket's Love Interest In Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket and Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga (aka. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) may join Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as Rocket Raccoon's (Bradley Cooper) soon-to-be-introduced love interest. After going through a major crisis stemming from writer/director James Gunn's firing and eventual rehiring, the threequel is finally back in the pipeline for Marvel Studios. Fans will have to wait a little while longer for its released, however, since it's been pushed back to allow Gunn to finish work on Warner Bros. and DC's The Suicide Squad, which releases in 2021. Despite that, casting may already be on the way with a new rumor suggesting that Lady Gaga is being courted to board the project.

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Specific plot details for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 are being kept under wraps, but prior to Gunn's debacle, he revealed that the film will set-up the next 10 years of MCU. Avengers: Endgame reunited most of the members of the cosmic team and Nebula, and from the looks of it, Star-Lord will be searching for Gamora - whether that be the 2014 0r 2018 version of the character remains to be seen. Thor has also tagged along after giving ruling duties for the New Asgard to Valkyrie. But aside from all these exciting narrative elements, there's one character that Gunn is especially interested in tackling: Rocket Racoon. In an interview last month, he shared that he's excited to finish "sweet rabbit's" arc, meaning, fans can expect a significant chunk of the story dedicated to the character.

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According to a report from Hollywood Life sourcing information from an anonymous insider, part of Rocket's narrative in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 involves having his own love interest, and that character could be played by Lady Gaga. This would reunite the two actors after playing star-crossed-lovers Jackson and Ally in the critically acclaimed A Star Is Born. No word on who the singer-turned-actress might play, however.

“There is a very strong possibility that Lady Gaga and Bradley will be working together again on Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Only some cast names have been released but the word is Bradley will reprise his role of Rocket Raccoon and Gaga will play his love interest. Their characters are animated but still, it’s exciting. Audiences want them together and certainly everyone recognizes that appeal, they’re box office gold together, it’s very likely that this will happen.”

It's important to take this news with a healthy grain salt since both camps, as well as Marvel Studios, have yet to comment on the matter. Considering that Cooper is fresh from a public break-up with Irina Shayk in which Lady Gaga is rumored to be a catalyst, there's a good chance that they will remain silent on these claims. But assuming that this is the case, fans of the pair will undoubtedly be thrilled given their electric chemistry in A Star Is Born. Although, since their performances will be done via  motion-capture, there will be some limitations there. Nevertheless, it helps that Cooper and Lady Gaga already have an established working relationship.

This isn't the first time that Lady Gaga has been up for a comic book movie role. Last year, she turned down a role in Cathy Yan's Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)The reasons were not divulged to the public, but it may have something to do with scheduling conflicts since she's currently tied to her two-year residency in Las Vegas. Her contract will be up by 2020 and since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 isn't expected to film until that same year at the earliest, that gives her the time to fully take on this rumored role in the MCU. The fact that she doesn't have to be fully on the set to play the part since the character is expected to be computer-generated might also be an incentive in signing up for the role.

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Source: Hollywood Life

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