Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Gets a 1980s Sitcom-Style TV Spot

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 gets the 1980s sitcom treatment in a new 30-second TV spot. When the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie debuted in 2014, fans immediately knew that writer-director James Gunn's irreverent take on the Marvel outlaw antiheroes was something they've never seen before. They were bad guys – but in a good way – taking on the worse guys, and the film's wiseacre tone combined with unconventional characters, hilarious dialogue, vibrant visuals and a kick-butt soundtrack of tunes from the 1970s, propelled the MCU into a (literally) different realm.

Building on the anticipation of Vol. 2 – which is already at a fever pitch – Marvel Entertainment has released a new TV spot for movie that's an upgrade of the first volume in an odd sort of way. Instead of going the '70s route, the new Vol. 2 spot is taking a page from the next decade with an '80s sitcom look. Even though the footage in the spot is from Vol. 2, the accompanying elements gives the spot the antiquated feel it was going for.

Starting off with narration that says, "On the next Guardians of the Galaxy," the spot features footage from a fast and furious space battle, yet it feels '80s sitcom zany because of its dated heroic music, painful laugh track, and of course, zingers from the characters. The '80s style graphics also introduce Star-Lord, Gamora, and Drax the Destroyer, with Rocket and Baby Groot, and includes "Special Guest Star Intergalactic Beast."

Guardians of the Galaxy Drax Monster

While it's hard to spoof a movie that's already so light in tone, the '80s TV spot for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 completely hits the mark. In a strange sort of way, the spot is reminiscent of the faux opening for the hilarious 1999 sci-fi adventure Galaxy Quest, which in itself was a parody of Star Trek. It would be interesting to find out from the filmmakers and marketing folks at Marvel Entertainment whether the new Vol. 2 took its inspiration from the Tim Allen-Sigourney Weaver space spoof somehow, because they both have such of a giddy, yet heartwarming, nostalgic feel about them.

Until we find out what went into the creation of the video clip, chalk up the new Vol. 2 spot to another great example of clever movie marketing. It's hard enough to capture movie fans' attention in a TV spot, especially when you're trying to encapsulate a film's premise in 30 seconds. And whether the spots are from a studio, fan or media outlet (check out the fun '70s TV show-inspired Wonder Woman trailer), it fun to see what kind of ingenious ideas people are coming up with. Not only do the spots drum up anticipation for films, they're just a plain hoot to watch.

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Source: Marvel Entertainment

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