Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Promo: Chris Pratt Says Every Part Is Awesome

Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista tease all of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's 'totally awesome' parts in a new promo.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 just released a new promo featuring Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista out of their signature character outfits. James Gunn's sequel is off to a great start at the box office, with $100 million in last week's international opening and a big domestic haul on the horizon. Vol. 2 also garnered close to the same amount of critical accolades as the original, with reviews praising its signature blend of action and humor.

With Guardians Vol. 2 finally being unleashed on theaters everywhere on Friday, fresh material from the sequel continues to trickle out. A deleted post-credits scene has been revealed, as has the first look at Sylvester Stallone's mysterious cameo. But just because the film is now out doesn't mean the promos will end.

A new advert for the film features Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista out of costume in a little skit. Bautista catches Pratt daydreaming about "that totally awesome part" in Vol. 2, and when he asks which part, Pratt turns to the camera and declares, "All of it." The clip ends with Bautista's Drax-esque line, "Yeah, I like that part too." For added fun, it's set to Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain," which is part of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's new "Awesome Mixtape" soundtrack. You can watch the video above.

It's an amusing new promo for Vol. 2 that will get fans excited to see the sequel (if they haven't already seen it). Its totally off-kilter style is somewhat reminiscent of the "Ants" tease for Ant-Man that just consisted of Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas saying the word over and over.

Guardians 2 could pull in anywhere from $140-160 million in its opening weekend as it dethrones the box office behemoth The Fate of the Furious. Naturally, there will be many fans who go see the film with or without Pratt's endorsement of all the awesome parts.

Beyond awesomeness, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 certainly ended up with plenty of fresh aspects to discuss, including an expanded Guardians team and surprise villain. It's up to audiences to decide exactly how much of Vol. 2 is "totally awesome," but, regardless, it appears that the film can't be stopped from millions of theatergoers flocking to see it in its opening weekend.

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Source: Comic Book

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