If Other Movies & TV Shows Had a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Opening

One of the highlight moments from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has spawned a number of fan-made openings for some of your favorite comic book properties. Following in the footsteps of Star-Lord's dance number to kick off Guardians of the Galaxy, director James Gunn took things to the next level for Vol. 2 and utilized Baby Groot's cuteness and innocence in the best way possible. As the Guardians team fights the Abelisk, the film's opening veers away from the action and instead to Groot's antics set to the tune of Mr. Blue Sky.

The 3-minute long sequence instantly endears Baby Groot with audiences and shows his fun-loving side, but also his violent tendencies. It has continued to be one of audience's favorite moments from the movie and is the source for the latest internet trend - giving other comic book properties a similar opening.

Thanks to various talented fans, a number of different of properties have received the Vol. 2 treatment. Below, openings for Batman V Superman: Dawn of JusticeCaptain America: The Winter SoldierCaptain America: Civil WarDaredevilThe Punisher, and Star Wars: A New Hope can be found.

if Batman v Superman had Guardians Of The Galaxy VOL. 2's opening scene

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In an age full of weird trends, this is one that we can certainly get behind. Somehow, Mr. Blue Sky is the perfect song to use when showing heroes or villains wipe out their competition. Whereas this method was used in the actual opening of Vol. 2, only the editions for Star Wars and Winter Soldier can boast using footage from the beginning. Winter Soldier's is definitely the closest to replicating Vol. 2's opening and has fun with fading out and stopping the song when necessary, but it also works extremely well by meshing the end of Rogue One together with the start of A New Hope.

The other videos are just as fun as the rest, but also use fight sequences that happen much later in the respective films, or in a different series with The Punisher. Regardless, these are only a few of the many fan videos that have been created thus far and will hopefully be just the beginning. With so many blockbusters from before yet to be adapted to this opening style, it is only a matter of time before a number of other well-known franchises get this treatment. Even if that doesn't happen, this goes to show just how much a simple song insertion can change the tone of even the most brutal fight sequences.

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