All the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Nathan Fillion Posters Released

Following numerous teases over the past year, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 writer and director James Gunn has finally released all of Nathan Fillion's movie posters as Simon Williams. Though Alien: Covenant took the box office this past weekend, the second Guardians film continues to dominate at home and abroad. Not only did the new film bring back the action and comedy of the first movie, but reunited the team and a number of their frenemies. On top of that, but the film was packed full of new characters and cameos pulled straight from the page. One character who didn't make the cut, however, was Simon Williams.

Better known as Wonder Man in the comics, fans have long been hoping to see the character pop up in the films. That hope seemed to be turning into a reality when some early looks at the Earth set of Guardians 2 showed off a number of movie posters starring Simon Williams. An actor before becoming a superhero, Williams was to be played by Nathan Fillion, following a cameo as an alien inmate in the first film. According to James Gunn, however, Fillion was never going to appear in the film, only his posters. In the end, they were cut, but one popped up last week with Fillion as William's starring in a bio-pic about Tony Stark. Now, we can finally see all of the posters.

James Gunn took to his Facebook to share each of the posters that were created for the movie. While they were all previously spied in the set photos last year, it's nice to finally get to see them up close. Check them out below:

The batch includes the Tony Stark movie, parodying Jobs, along with a take on the B-movie franchise The Toxic Avenger. There's also a horror movie called Haxan 2, which Gunn noted has a deep-cut reference. Before you get excited about his promise for a signed poster, however, someone in the comments of the post has already determined it to be a play on the poster for the Daniel Radcliffe movie Horns.

Rounding out the posters is an Inception allusion called Dead Before Arrival, a rom-com, and a movie about Marvel character Arkon. You may recall a shot of Fillion in costume as Arkon from a few weeks back. Though it appeared to be from a cameo scene, it was later made clear that it was simply Fillion goofing off on set. As exciting as a Weird World movie would be, it's likely not in the cards anytime soon.

All told, the posters offer a fun look at what could have been and show Gunn's love of Marvel history. And while their inclusion would have technically introduced Simon Williamson to the MCU, it would have been as a joke. Now, he's still got a chance for a proper debut, though his superhero name alone probably negates that possibility. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 still going strong in theaters, expect more fun looks behind the scenes in the weeks to come.

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Source: James Gunn

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