More Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Easter Eggs Revealed by James Gunn

James Gunn shares new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Easter eggs that were cut from the movie.  Marvel's cosmic franchise is known to be chock full of witty references, and for die-hard fans, pinpointing every single one of them has become some sort of a new way to experience these films after initial viewings. In light of that, Gunn reveals supposedly even more Easter eggs from the sequel that they ultimately decided not to incorporate in the follow-up flick.

Utilizing Easter eggs in the entertainment industry is not exactly new, but interest in them has grown over the years thanks to fans' heightened curiosity about films and TV shows they like. Gunn, in particular, is notorious for peppering his projects with such and while some are direct nods (like name-dropping Adam Warlock at the end of Guardians 2), others take a lot more time to discover (such as a supposed connection with Thor and Loki). The filmmaker even claims that there is still one remaining unfounded Easter egg in the first Guardians movie.


In light of that, taking to his official Facebook account, Gunn shared some neat Easter eggs that did not make the final cut of Guardians 2. The photos mostly include names of comic book writers who have been instrumental in the Guardians' run in the comics, such as Bill Mantlo, Dan Abnett, Andrew Lanning, Keith Giffen, Steve Englehart and of course Jim Starlin. The filmmaker also added a photo of himself and Gregg Henry, who played Peter Quill's grandfather. Check out the photos below:

Gunn is not exactly one to do anything half-baked, especially when it comes to the Guardians franchise. Who could forget the record-breaking five post credit tags that Guardians 2 had, compared to the usual two from other Marvel films? So it's no surprise that he and his team would go to great lengths to give fans a little bit more via these cool Easter eggs. However, it's also notable that he eventually decided not to include them in the movie just for the sake of some fun references given that it does not seem like they have any significance to its overall narrative. Nonetheless, it is still great to learn about them - and they might pop out in Guardians 3 or other Marvel films down the line.

Right now, Gunn is busy polishing the narrative for the Guardians' next standalone venture into space - a story he said that will be pivotal in kicking off Marvel's Phase 4. Other than that, he also oversees the whole cosmic segment of the massive franchise, meaning that we might get some of his love of Easter eggs in other universe-hopping films from the company, as well. Of course, we can also catch the oddball group of heroes in next year's Avengers: Infinity War where they will finally cross paths with their Earth-bound counterparts


Source: James Gunn

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