Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Also Has an Undiscovered Easter Egg

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James Gunn confirms that there is still one final Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Easter egg that has yet to be found. The rise of geek culture over the years paved the way for the current popularity of pop culture references fans love to pore over. One quick search online illustrates the point with countless posts and videos pointing out these fun features that could be easily missed on first glance.

Marvel likes their Easter eggs and each of their movies have a great deal of references that fans like to dig up screening after screening. But out of the filmmakers in the franchise, Gunn, is arguably the reigning king when it comes to including sneaky call-backs to his films - a great perk that adds to their rewatchability. However, despite numerous attempts, it seems not all hidden Easter eggs has been discovered.

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Interacting with fans via his official Twitter account as he always does, Gunn shared that there is still one more undiscovered Easter egg left in Guardians 2. The conversation kicked off when a fan offered his wild guess on what the last callback in the original Guardians is, resulting in another asking the director if there is a similar one still safely hidden in the sequel - which Gunn straightforwardly confirmed. When asked whether there's a chance that he'll reveal the references in the future if no one is able to find them, Gunn is positive, but in the meantime, the search continues for viewers. Check out the back and forth below:

Lat summer, many thought the last Easter egg for Guardians that fans have been looking for since it debuted in 2014 had finally been found. According to the theory, it's a tie-in to the Thor films, particularly to Loki's heritage. Gunn maintains that it's not the final reference, although the whole explanation and what would have been its implication on the larger MCU narrative is still interesting. In spite of this, fans continue to search for the detail and we can only presume it will be the same case for the final Easter egg in Guardians 2. Perhaps, if people start dissecting the follow-up's script, which is now fully available online, then it might increase their chances of discovering the elusive bit.

With the way the hunt is progressing, it's possible that we still won't have found the secret references after Guardians of the Galaxy 3 premieres, which is already in the works with Gunn back at the helm. The director has provided several updates the last year regarding his upcoming Marvel project, the latest one being a confirmation that the threequel will indeed hit theaters in 2020.

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