David Hasselhoff's Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Song Released

David Hasseloff's contribution to the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Awesome Mixtape has now been posted online for your listening pleasure. If there are two things that James Gunn's first Guardians of the Galaxy will be remembered for, it is the ensemble cast and its rocking soundtrack. As Gunn once again returns to the director's chair for the sequel and we prepare to stick in Awesome Mix Tape Vol. 2, the latest soundtrack promises some more nostalgic treats for the ears.

With a film packed with some of Hollywood's biggest names and even Miley Cyrus voicing a part, many have questioned why the pop princess didn't lend a hand in the soundtrack. Well, fear not, we may not get Miley, but we do get another famous singer putting their vocals to the test.

An unexpected addition to the official Vol. 2 soundtrack comes from actor-cum-singer David Hasselhoff. Dubbed "'Guardians Inferno," the song is actually credited to The Sneepers, but you can clearly hear Hoff's signature vocals. Three minutes of listening to Hasselhoff rap is the viral video you never knew you needed. You can check it out in the space above.

While the likes of Electric Light Orchestra's “Mr. Blue Sky” and Sweet's "Fox on the Run" seem like logical inclusions to the film, "Guardians Inferno" is certainly one of the more unique tunes on the album. An original composition by James Gunn and composer Brian Tyler, you can only imagine that they wanted someone suitably madcap to perform the track. It certainly sets the outer space tone with its '80s disco vibe, but the song only really gets going when it goes full "Hoff" and the 64-year-old spits some rhymes.

Gunn is reportedly most happy with rhyming “procyon lotor” (raccoon) with “motor” and who can blame him? It may not be "Unchained Melody" in its prose, you can't deny that the lyrics at least match the film's "unique" premise:

"They ask me why I’m bringin’ a baby into battle, 'that's really irresponsible' and getting them rattled I say, 'give me a break, get off my back dammit.' I didn’t learn parenting, my daddy was a planet.

In these times of hardship just remember: We are Groot"

The song is supposed to be from the point of view of Chris Pratt's Star-Lord, but the likes of Bradley Cooper's Rocket Racoon and Vin Diesel's Groot also get a shout out. There is certainly a message here, we just aren't sure what it is.

While David Hasselhoff may seem like a madcap vocalist to include on your track list, don't forget that Hoff also did his own cover of "Hooked on a Feeling" back in 2006. Given that the Blue Swede's song had a resurgence of popularity after Gunn's first Guardians film, the link to Hoff isn't hard to see. Fans will probably put this catchy number on repeat and play it while driving to the theater to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 when it opens soon.

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Source: Marvel Vevo

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